Monday, December 9, 2013

In Triplicate!

Friends, what could possibly be better than one completed Ingenue sweater?  Why, three completed Ingenues, of course!

Liz, Michelle, and I have been quite busy the last few weeks with these sweaters.  Our regular meetings in an Argo Tea downtown allowed us time to swap ideas on sleeves (no increases for any of us), while catching up on the events in each other's lives.  

We each chose a different yarn for our sweaters, and the results are stunning.  I worked with Highlander's Alpaca with a Twist in Eggplant, and I could not be more pleased!
(As I look at my sewing queue, I'm definitely seeing a purple theme. Could this be my signature color for this winter? Gasp!)

This sweater pattern was SUPER EASY compared to my last monster.  I love that it took half the time and I can throw it over my head without worrying about which side is front (because they are exactly the same).

The pattern called for princess decreases for the waist at a relatively early point, which meant that the decreases would've started at the apex of my bust.  I added two inches of stockinette to bring the decreases to under my bust, as well as added rows in between the decreases as Michelle advised since I am "a tall glass of water." The waist increases I kept the same, and what do you know? It fits around my hips perfectly.  Whew! 

(Jazz hands for Felix - I don't take serious pictures well)

Since I'm a relatively loose knitter (bah dum chee), I cast on the collar on size 8 needles, and then switched to size 7s for the rest of the sweater.  This allowed me to have a more snug fit (like I wanted), instead of having a boxier sweater.  I am not a fan of boxy.

I did make one mistake that might haunt my brain.  I accidentally skipped a decrease in the first sleeve I made, and in order to make the sleeves symmetrical, I did the same in the second sleeve.  It's only disappointing because I wanted the sleeves to be a bit more snug, but I think it worked out well just the same. 

The best part of this sweater is the ladies who were with me as I knit it.

Michelle and Liz are amazing, and I learned so much about renovations and knitting during our conversations.  Liz keeps amazing notes, and Michelle can easily decipher the errors I've made in any of my stitches.  Both are wonderful teachers.

I do have to give MAJOR CREDIT at this point in time to Mike and Felix, the husbands of Michelle and Liz, for taking such amazing photos.  We had the best time at the Lincoln Park Conservatory, which was a tropical paradise compared to the frozen tundra outside.

I'm trying to pick patterns where I'll learn new skills, and this sweater gave me the chance to make a pullover, sew down a collar, swatch and adjust for a better fit, as well as add rows in order to customize the decreases and increases.

Overall, a marvelous experience with these lovely ladies, and one that I will remember fondly every time I wear this pullover.  Liz and Michelle - YOU ARE THE BEST.

This dance is for you..  XOXO!
Have a lovely day, my friends!  And stay warm out there!