Sunday, January 12, 2014

Starting Off Me Made 2014!

Friends!  2014 is a success so far (at least on the Me-Made front):

January 1:

I rang in the New Year in my new Cambie, made for my work holiday party (separate post to come later...)

...and once the hangover wore off and I felt less like death, I put on my Ingenue, my new long sleeved Renfrew, and my trusty jeans so I could head to a New Year's Day party.  Oy. 

January 2

Back to work! My Amy Pond blouse and altered khaki skirt from Mama Grand paired well with some sweater tights and my winter boots.  We may wear skirts in the winter here in Chicago, but we do not joke around about the undergoodies.

January 3

Fridays are jeans days in the office, so I threw on a Jasmine blouse, a knit Cinnamon camisole, and my jeans.  Casual and fabulous, you guys.

Colette Patterns Cinnamon camisole - hot pink knit fabric remnants put to good use at last!

There are some bagging issues of the fabric along the side of the cup pieces due to use of the zig zag stitch, but as I plan on using this mostly for warmth underneath tops, I can live with it.

I stumbled on this fabric in an antique store as part of a $5 bundle. Lucky for me, it was justenough to eek out a Jasmine blouse.  LOVE.

I love the design of the red and white, with hints of purple thrown in.

I don't particularly like using facing pieces, so the inside of the collar is done in bright red bias tape.  I think it's quite fun if it shows a little while I am wearing it.  (Scandalous, I know!)

January 4

My Love came home today, so we spent the day snuggling.  I wore my t-shirt that I tie dyed in high school Chemistry (totally counts for Me-Made, right?) and my epic plaid pants.  

(Also, this is my peach and black bathroom. I love it.)

January 5

The temperatures begin to drop, so I throw on my Catherine jacket, my flannel PJ pants, and a long sleeve tee from high school that I took in (why did I buy an XL in high school?).

January 6

The Polar Vortex punched Chicago in the face, and I went to work with tights and multiple pairs of socks, and tried to keep feeling in my toes during the hour ride into town.  Thankfully, my boss told me to leave early and expense a cab home.  My main work outfit was my grey Renfrew and my Simplicity 3688 trousers.

January 7 

POLAR VORTEX.  I wore PJs all day, so here is a compilation of all my me made PJs:

I wear Colette mini bloomers to sleep in constantly.  Also in the mix: a refashioned nightgown of Mama Grand's, an altered tee that I got from work, my flannel PJs made from old sheets, Renfrew tee, knit Sorbetto, and a pair of PJ pants made into shorts.

January 8

 Back to work! Simplicity 3688 trousers (black) and my preacher shirt.  I blend in at the office when I wear all black.

January 9

Today was a frustrating day, hence my distance in this photo.  I wore the black Simplicity 3688 trousers again, along with the Optical Illusion Renfrew.  At least I was comfortable?

January 10

Working from home! I wore the Perfectly Plaid pants and an altered sweater of Mama Grand's.  I love the mustard color and the button detail on the sleeves.

January 11

Walked around the neighborhood with my Love today, and since the weather was warmer, I wore this altered sweater of Mama Grand's and my Minoru jacket.  Perfect :)

(these hot pink wonders are my new legwarmers - coming along, slowly but surely!)

January 12

Just got done watching the Golden Globes with my bestie, and my outfit of Catherine jacket, pink bubble gum Renfrew, and jeans was perfect for vegging out and ignoring acceptance speeches.

Friends, I hope your 2014 is off to a great start!  Hugs and kisses to you all :)



  1. Awesome start Meg! And yep, science experiment tee's totally count!

  2. Holy smokes, Meg. You're definitely starting the year off well in the me-made department.

  3. Wowsers, you are such a trooper for taking this on. And you are doing so well! Kudos to you, Meg the Grand.

  4. Wow! I'm so impressed! You look great in all of these! I really like your peach & black tile, too!

  5. Woowoo! I'm cheering you on! Those string of cold days were AWFUL.

  6. Out of the park, my dear! You're amazing! I really, really love your Amy Pond blouse.... if it goes missing, you know where to start looking. :-D

  7. Meg, you gorgeous minx, you!!! I love your style. I use bias tape on my Jasmine blouses, too. Facings, be gone!!! Those legwarmers are going to be AWESOME!

  8. One day I hope to be able to wear me mades every single day too. You go girl!

  9. What an awesome and inspiring post! Love it love it!

  10. Wow! You have made sooo much stuff it's crazy lady... crazy!

  11. Wow you have been busy! I love your Jasmine blouse, the fabric is gorgeous and something I would have picked out myself. :)

  12. Meg, you are the Me-Made queen!!! It's difficult for be to embrace a lot of my me-mades in this crap weather, but you are ultra inspiring. Keep it up!! And did you say Amy Pond blouse? I'm going to that post immediately!
    You look amazing!

  13. What a great range of you-mades! The pink Cinnamon is a favourite. This is an impressive commitment, you're doing great!