Friday, February 28, 2014

MM2014: Fabulous February

Friends, February has been BITTER cold.  I'm 8,000% over it and if I weren't so pasty, I'd be heading for the tropics immediately.

February 13

Rocking the grey Simplicity 3688 trousers for the hundredth time since this year began, my black v-neck altered sweater, and my Sweetly Sheer Sorbetto.

February 14

Valentine's Day.  I tried to rock pinks and reds all day with my jeans, starting with my pink top from the Michigan Avenue Ensemble.

For my evening outing with my Valentines (my bestie and her husband), I switched to my newer red Colette Jasmine blouse.  

Sadly, boyfriend wasn't in town, but my friends were fabulous Valentines in his place.

We had dinner and then to a nearby ice cream parlor for treats, where I read Dragons Love Tacos out loud for them.

That book is AMAZING.

February 15
I like to spend Saturdays and Sunday afternoons in my kitchen, because for one whole hour, the sun blasts through the window and warms this one spot.  I like to stay in it as long as possible, usually with tea.

I'm wearing a refashioned cardigan (from a sweater), my orange tee, and my mini bloomers.  That plus the sunbeam equaled incredible comfort.

February 16

Same sweater and tee...I know, I'm a slob ... BUT I did change my bottoms. 
Also, this is my teddy.  I got him when I was three and in the hospital to get something removed from my face.  He is very pleased to meet you all.
(I feel no shame that I am going to be 30 and still have stuffed animals around)

February 17
Mondays call for comfort, so I opted for the Most Comfortable Dress Ever

February 18
So this is what my Renfrew bodysuit looks like in normal light.  I paired it with my black Simplicity 3688 trousers and a fancy necklace in order to offset the color.  I'm pretty sure this color does nothing for my skin, but oh wow, I was really comfortable at work all day.

Close up.  Yeah...not really digging the color on me, but I love how it feels.  Maybe we'll just leave this as something to layer under items?

February 19

It is everything I can do not to wear this flannel blouse every single day. I paired it with this McCall's pencil skirt (that has since been dyed since this fiasco) and some wine colored tights.   

February 20

Today was a day of difficult decisions.  It was 40 degrees out, pouring rain, and I didn't know whether to wear my long puffy coat or my raincoat.  WHAT TO DO?!  I finally settled on wearing my shower curtain raincoat with my Catherine jacket (for warmth), and that seemed to work ok.  I was still cold, but I think that was partly from the fact that I still have not found the perfect buttons for this raincoat and so it just ties closed.  I really need to fix that.

Underneath was all color.  I paired my shrug from my Grandma's pants with my Simplicity 3688 trousers and my silk blend blouse. What I really love about this challenge is that it's forcing me to work with what I have in my closet, and I've never paired this shrug and blouse together before.  I really love the look of this, so I see that happening again in the future.

Also, I wear my apron to cook all the time.  Cooking is a fantastic way of heating up the apartment in the dead of winter.

February 21
Jeans days are my favorite.  I wore my plaid Renfrew and was snuggly the whole day.

February 22

A candidate photo taken by the boyfriend.  My long sleeve Renfrew, jeans, and Simplicity 5800
I actually like doing the dishes. It hearkens back to my days working in food service, and doing the dishes was a good way to lose yourself in your thoughts for a time.

February 23
So. So. Sick.
You can see how red my face is from the fever. This cold was brutal and I can't recall the last time I've had one so bad.

February 24

I got sent home from work early for being sick.  I tried to be fashionable, but it didn't make me feel better.  I wore Mama Grand's skirt, my sparkly Renfrew, and some sweater tights.  I was warm, but I think that was partly from the fever.
The best thing about this day was coming home and finding love notes covering the whole apartment.  Boyfriend put post-its everywhere before he left for his next run, and 
I've left most of them up :)

February 25

Home sick. I wore my altered college shirt and my new mini bloomers.  I felt like my skin was on fire, so this was the perfect outfit for the day.

February 26

Finally felt human enough to go to work!  I wore my grey Simplicity 3688 trousers and my altered Mama Grand sweater.  Also, my new L.L.Bean boots arrived and THEY ARE THE BEST THINGS EVER.  I especially liked that they came with a signed note (in pen!) from the person who made them in Maine.  High five, Kathi!
(L.L. Bean doesn't pay me or anything, but their products keep me warm during the Polar Vortexes, so I am sharing my joy with you)

February 27

I love this outfit.  I paired my Colette Sencha with my Simplicity 3688 trousers, and I think I need more Senchas in my closet. 

February 28
Two months in, ten to go!  I'm wearing my black polka dot McCall's blouse, my pink Colette Cinnamon, and my jeans.  Feeling fabulous, and ready to start the 30:60 challenge tomorrow!

Have a fabulous weekend all, and see you for the start of the 30:60 challenge tomorrow!


  1. Nice recap! Love that 40s simplicity pattern. I have yet to sew them up!

    1. It's my FAVE! I can't recommend it enough!

  2. So many garments that I don't remember or never saw! I love clicking back through the rabbit hole to the original posts. I keep eyeing the $300 knee-high fully fur lined version of those boots that they sell through LL Bean Signature, so I'm glad yours are working out!
    Also, I'm guessing that apron bit is pointed at me haha! Good thing I didn't send you any apron patterns or anything...yeah.

    1. I LOVE the apron pattern you sent me! The one I'm weearing above is just a half one, which means I've been stain treating a lot of blouses and shirts lately. I can't wait to make it!

      Also, get the boots. They are worth every penny and if something EVER happens to them, EVER, you can send them back and get new ones. Ummm $200 for boots that will be replaced for the rest of my life? Worth it.

  3. You are rocking Simplicity 3688! I adore those trousers on you!! And that Sencha? Love!

    1. Thanks, darling! I don't know why it never occurred to me to put them together before!

  4. Wasn't February brutal? All those snowstorms and then March is roaring in with another one. I'm sorry to hear that this month brought you some sickness, but glad you're better!

    1. Thanks, dearest! Stay warm up there - it doesn't look like we are quite through the cold weather yet!