Sunday, March 2, 2014

30:60 1 and 2: Purple Everywhere I Look

Friends, I am really on a purple kick lately.  I cannot get enough of that color.  It's still dark enough for winter colors, but is still enough of a color to get me through until Spring.

March 1 (Day one of 30:60!)

Project #1: a leather asymmetrical clutch

Leather working is definitely going to be my new favorite thing. Now that I've had a taste of it in Leather Working 101 at the Chicago School of Shoemaking, I WANT TO DO MORE.  Better yet, I have a partner in crime for these classes and leather working adventures: the lovely Michelle.  Michelle is super thoughtful and bought us both Groupons to try the 101 class on Saturday morning.  After I arrived, I started picking out my leather pieces, and settled on a large scrap of purple and some smaller bits of lime green.  I just gravitated to these colors immediately, so I decided to go with my gut and make the Joker clutch :)

Michelle chose a fabulous black leather with some light blue accents.  So so pretty.

Michelle's finished purse.  LOVE!  We ended up making the same style, but there were so many things you could do.  We both really loved the double straps on the front of one of the sample pieces. but decided to add wrist straps as well.

Karen, our wonderful teacher, photographed all of our final products.  I was very proud.

I learned how to punch holes, glue, rivet, insert eyelets and snaps, as well as create a strap for the clutch.  It was fantastic.  I can't wait to go back and take the sandal making class with Michelle.  Summer has to come someday!

Up close and personal.  This isn't a color combination that is normally in my comfort zone, and I think that is why I flocked to it so hard.  I am using this year to mix up my style, and I think this is a great addition.

Project #2: Butterick 5605

I cut out Butterick 5605 ages ago, but never got around to sewing it.  Something about the construction of the bodice seemed too outrageous for me to attempt, and so I kept it shelved for quite awhile.  Cut to yesterday, when I thought about making an outfit for my friend's birthday party, which was themed "Deceased Rock Stars" (he was turning 27).  I decided to tackle this pattern finally after figuring out I wanted to be Patsy Cline (because she was awesome).

Sadly, due to a snowstorm that hit two hours before I left for the party, I scrapped the Patsy Cline idea and just went in the dress without a character.  The hair and shoes would never have survived the trip to the party otherwise.

Here is where I tried to get a full photo of the dress but was instead nearly crushed by Jerry Garcia (the birthday boy).

I really really love the back of the dress.  I used one of the purple buttons given to me ages ago by Magpie Mimi for the closure, and I adore the open back look.  I went for short sleeves instead of 3/4 since I will want to wear this in summer.

 The fabric is old cotton bedsheets, also seen as a skirt and top on February 3.

The bow belt has been sadly underused in my closet.  I love how it looks here, and I also love the purple wool thigh highs.  I threw on my blue cardigan (refashioned) when I was chilly.  I love the purple and blue combination, and I plan on wearing it often.

Speaking of purple and blue...

Best friend.

March 2

Heading out to grab treats so best friend and I can watch the Oscars in comfort.  I'm wearing my flannel Lisette top, my blue cardigan, and my jeans.

Stay warm, all!  And enjoy the Oscars if you are watching!



  1. That's so awesome! I want to come learn to make sandals! My favorite pair needs to be re-created as it is on the brink of death.

  2. The leather class was AMAZING! I have already started stashing money for a trip to Tandy's! I can't wait to take the sandal class. How fantastic will it be to walk around in shoes we made ourselves?!

  3. I wish I could think of another word - but awesome is it! Beautiful creations!