Monday, March 10, 2014

30:60 Project 4: A Birthday Bag for Lizzie

Friends, I love the BurdaStyle Charlie Grocery Bag pattern.  It's so easy to make and customize, and also relatively easy to make reversible (I just top stitch the pieces together).  I decided to make one for my dear friend, Lizzie, who celebrated her birthday this past Sunday.

I used plaid remnants from a pair of shorts I made last year for one side.  I thought there should be at least one tame side to the bag to counter the awesome colors on the other...

Because I didn't have enough of the bohemian print for the front and back pieces, I added some color block elements.  It's kind of funky - I'm digging it.

The full spectrum of color.  I love the design, and Lizzie loved it, too!  (That's the important thing, right?)

My lovely Lizzie (center).  Happy Birthday, Lizzie!!


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  1. Oooh, that is funky! I'm glad your friend liked it.