Monday, March 24, 2014

30:60: Project 7: The Wearing Of The Green

Friends, St. Patrick's Day in Chicago is a big deal.  We dye our river green, Clark Street is basically a war zone of drunkeness, and everyone and their mother claims to be 100% "Chi-rish."
I grew up in Ohio, in a town where you wore green to celebrate or you were allowed to be pinched by anyone you encountered that day. While Chicago goes out of its way to celebrate, I did not know if this aspect of my childhood had followed me here, and to be honest, I didn't want to find out!
A few weeks ago, I bought the lovely Hollyburn skirt pattern during the Sewaholic Birthday Sale, and decided to pair it with some heavier twill for my first go round. 
And the twill? It was the most enticing shade of green.

This skirt took no time at all to finish. I think it took four hours total from cutting out to finishing, which is my ideal time for creating a garment.  My time is precious, and being able to make such a polished piece in a day makes this skirt a new TNT pattern for me!

Because the twill is heavier, the skirt holds it shape and is a little less drapey than future versions may be (purple crepe will probably be the next version you see here).

I paired it with my McCall's 5929 blouse and rocked this outfit at a very important meeting at work.  At one point, we had to go around the room and say one interesting fact about ourselves, and I said that I made my whole outfit. I somehow manage to find ways to talk about sewing in HR meetings ... *high fives to any other HR seamstresses out there*

My favorite part of this skirt is definitely the color, which works with so many of my new blouses!  I think I'm going to treat the skirt as a neutral color when trying to pair other things with it.  I imagine I could come up with several brightly colored outfits that way :)

Friends, I want so many more versions of this skirt in my closet.  Besides the purple crepe, I'm plotting denim and perhaps even ignoring the directions and trying stripes or plaid (because we all know how much I love plaid).  Also, I'm a firm believer that you can never have too many skirts with pockets in your closet.
Pockets FTW!


  1. Had to stop by to say that I love this skirt on you! And in green, there are no words! Love it! What a nice basic for the wardrobe!

  2. It's a beautiful color and the shape looks great on you! Lovely make!

  3. This is so cute! It's a fantastic color, and looks amazing on you! I miss celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Chicago. :)

  4. So pretty!! And yes, versatile!

  5. It's important to blow the minds of non-sewers every now and then. Well done!

  6. I love it! The green is gorgeous! I really love this skirt pattern too. I don't know why I stopped at one. I do have spring/summer plans that involve making a few more of these. It's a great skirt. If you make a purple wool crepe one, we can be twinkies! That's what my first one is made from.

  7. Gorgeous! Love a great fast project with beautiful results. I love telling people that I've made my outfit. I made a rule for myself that I can only tell people if they ask about it or compliment me, otherwise I'd be totally obnoxious :)

  8. Beautiful shade of green! I made sure to wear green that day too, although it is definitely not a tradition where I live. It's a tradition for me that I'm keeping alive all by myself. ;)