Friday, April 4, 2014

30:60: Project 11: The Kirsten Kimono Tee by Maria Denmark

 Friends, I cut out the Kirsten Kimono Tee by Maria Denmark a year ago from some pink knit in my stash. Unfortunately, it just sat there untouched until I was sorting through my UFOs a few weeks back.  I decided to tackle it for once and for all, though I wasn't crazy about the idea of a solid pink tee in my wardrobe.  I wanted something with a bit more pizazz.

Enter black glitter puffy paint and a book of iron on transfers that I got from my Grandma:

As I worked on the shirt, I was reminded about how much I LOVED puffy painting as a kid.  Seriously loved.  I had puffy painted shirts for every holiday. Sometimes, I actually miss the 90s.

I wore the shirt during a clothing swap in my apartment.  You can see the epic pile of leftovers that we donated to the Brown Elephant nearby.

I really love how this shirt turned out.  The style is fantastic, the knit is super soft, and the black bow gives it just enough sparkle that I can dress this up or down. 

Are there more puffy paint projects in my future?  I won't say no...

...especially because I have enough transfers for every day of the year (mwahahaha).



  1. Puffy Paint + Bows = AWESOME!!!! Love Love Love this! :)

  2. I lurves this shirt, Megtastic, I does!

  3. Fab! I love this pattern. I think I have made it 5 times. Your bow looks excellent! Great idea to perk up a simple tee.

  4. i love you to pieces. please do an iron on a week!!!!!