Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Project 30:60: 20, 21, 22, and 23 or Catwoman and Poison Ivy Go To C2E2

Friends, I love dressing up.  LOVE IT.  C2E2 was perfect for exercising this love, as well as letting my inner redheaded villain run rampant...

Best friend Stephy and I went to C2E2 as Poison Ivy and Catwoman from Batman: The Animated Series.  

I grew up watching that version of Batman as it was the one that came on at 4:00 pm as I was getting off the bus at home.  I would grab my snack and settle down into a chair and be lost to the world for the next half hour.  Poison Ivy was one of the first redheaded characters I had come across on television, and I was enthralled.

For my costume, I made the Bombshell Swimsuit by Closet Case Files, gloves with Vogue 8311, and with Stephy's help, painted an old pair of black boots in my closet metallic green.

I had hoped to make tights as well, but my muslin was a total flop and I didn't have time to invest in fixing everything with my not-so-stretchy mesh.  Thankfully, I ran across a costume store on Friday and bought some electric green fishnets.  These worked perfectly.

I also figured out a trick for wearing fishnets and not having them cut into my feet: wear my most comfortable moisture wicking sport socks underneath them.   I also threw some Dr. Scholl's insoles in there for good measure. I was comfortable for 11 out of the 12 hours I spent at the event.  The last hour my calves had had it, and I switched the boots out for green Converse.  

The swimsuit came together like a dream once I pulled up the Sew Along posts.  Seriously - so easy.  I cut apart an old bra for the swimsuit cups, and I used normal elastic instead of swimsuit elastic, but other than that, everything was the same.  The only issue with the bra cups is that they are coral (not that you can tell unless they start moving around and the lining starts to show - not impossible, but didn't really happen during the 14 hours I was wearing it).  As for the elastic, considering that the poly elastic wasn't recommended because it disintegrates in chlorine and salt water, I felt safe to use it.  We only have the freshwater lake nearby, and I'm not much for swimming pools.

The gloves were super easy.  I lengthened the hem by 5 inches and then didn't hem or put elastic in.  Since it was swimsuit material, they stayed up fine.  I also didn't put gussets around the fingers like the pattern called for, or elastic at the wrist.  It just wasn't needed, so after sewing these up with a zig zag stitch, I was set to go. 

My only issue with the swimsuit would be the excess fabric that seems to appear around my midsection in some of these photos.  I think I just need to watch my posture, because the gathers were fine for the most part, except when leaning on something or putting my hands on my hips and pushing the fabric forward.  

OK!  Enough about Poison Ivy.  Let's talk about the Catwoman bodysuit that I made for Stephy.

She had bought a catsuit online made out of heather grey jersey, which ended up being too light in color, not too mention too short in the shoulders and torso.  She went to JoAnn's, found this great spandex jersey in the right color, and we cut up the old catsuit for a pattern.  Using a tiny zig zag stitch, this bodysuit came together perfectly.  I put the zipper in by hand, and was very proud of how it turned out!

I also stitched up the grey portion of the hood, but Stephy did the black mask and ears, and both turned out great.  The belt, gloves, and belt were all added by her, and she was well loved by young and old alike.

Well, loved by everyone except her sister. 

Her costume was even loved by Richard Speight, Jr - who Steph happened to recognize even with only one contact in, and who we managed to snag for a photo after searching for him for five frantic minutes on the show floor.

The show floor was awesome.  This view (from TimeOutChicago) shows Artist's Alley, where I bought lots of fabulous artwork.  Can you find Stephy and I in this photo??

We had a fabulous time getting our photos taken and taking photos in turn. 

We also enjoyed sneaking away and using the comfy chairs located on the second level.

There were so many costumes, and I've come to realize that I love sideburns.

Like, really love them.


 So much love :)

 The costumes we saw were FANTASTIC.  I got to hang with Wonder Woman...

And some hilarious Stormtroopers...

And an amazing TARDIS (coat) ... look at that lining!! ...

And a Dalek that drove around and around...

Boba Fett was only a little intimidating...

And my arch nemesis wasn't that scary (even if he was very tall).

I have to say that the best part of the day was hanging out with people that I love.

We laughed a lot, and made so many memories.  It's an experience I'm not likely to forget anytime soon.

I owe a lot of my fun to this fantastic gentleman.  Knowing my personal items were in good hands while I ran around the show floor allowed me to have a marvelous time without worrying.

While C2E2 lasted through Sunday, Josh and I took the day off to lay around the house and do nothing.  I spent the day uploading pictures, and seeing if I could find my Ivy on the interwebs (I found myself here), but also spent the time pondering how to make costumes for Steph and myself for next year...

Hope you had great weekends, all!



  1. amazing outfits! i love the guys in the background of the pics of you and wonder woman! they are totally checking you out. glad to hear the bombshell is a good pattern - i'm planning to make this summer!

  2. OMG, SO MUCH FUN!!! You ROCK, Poison Ivy!! The costumes were amazing and what a fun, fun weekend!! And Wolverine? Soooo handsome!

  3. Oh, just LOVE your Poison Ivy Bombshell, and it looks like you had such an amazing time!

  4. So very cool. Looks like lots of fun!

  5. Rockin' awesome costumes!! :)

  6. Love everything in this post :-)

  7. Wow, this was one epic day! Love your outfit and the fact that the Stormtroopers were hilarious. I guess the Dark Side isn't so dark after all! ;)

  8. Your costumes are so awesome! It looks like you guys had loads of fun. And I'm excited to see your Xena outfits, lol.

  9. Aren't cons the best?? Love your cosplay and the fact that you made it from an indie swimsuit pattern! You and Catwoman both looked fantastic!

  10. This is AMAZING!!!! You look fantastic!! I'm not surprised you got asked to take photos, you babe!!
    Also, I'm so impressed with that Catwoman suit! I am trying to resist the urge to dress up when I take the kids to ComicCon but this makes it so hard!

  11. this is brilliant - nicely done!

  12. This is amazing Meg. So clever to use the bombshell swimming cossie pattern and you look fab. But (and I hope you don't mind) I'm even more impressed by you making Stephy that cat woman body suit…..I would have sworn that was shop bought and expensive to boot….you've fitted her so well and the material is perfect, no see through stretching. You both look absolutely awesome and like you had so much fun. Seriously fantastic costumes!!

  13. Those costumes are SO AWESOME!