Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Vitamin D-idn't Turn Out So Bad!

Friends, please pardon my long delay in posting.  I have been knitting my heart out!  Several months ago (according to Ravelry, in February, to be exact), I started the Vitamin D sweater.  My awesome friend Kelly recommended it to me highly, and even though I wasn't sure about the cut of it, I decided to give it a go.  I was mostly worried about the hem falling and hiding my waistline, but after perusing the other projects on Ravelry, it looked like the draping wasn't a problem.  Awesome!  Now, just needed to wrangle some friends to do this with me... :)

I grabbed Liz and Michelle, of course, and also my friends Elizabeth and Bailey from book club.  Since Liz, Michelle, and I all finished around the same time, we decided to go ahead and do a photo shoot at the lily pond at Lincoln Park. 

Liz, that saucy minx, made hers up in a nautical theme.  IT'S SO PRETTY.  The pictures don't do it justice, but it's soft and colorful and made of dreams and wonderfulness.

And my dear Michelle made hers up in the most lovely shade of coral. I didn't know I needed coral in my wardrobe until now, because that cardigan is amazing!  I wanted to steal it from her badly, but I decided not to, as it coordinated with her dress perfectly.  And her shoes. I loved her shoes. 

As for mine...well...

I am SO SO LUCKY that this sweater is wearable.  So lucky.  

My problems started when I unknowingly picked a fingering weight yarn for this sport weight cardigan AND DIDN'T REALIZE IT. All I needed to do was read the label, and since I love to read labels, I have no idea how I missed this very important piece of information.  I can't even offer any excuses.  I am totally flabbergasted.  It's Berroco Ultra Fine Alpaca, so the drape is lovely, but OMG, Meg - read the label and save yourself the heartache.

As I was working on the short rows, I noticed my cardigan looked a little on the smaller side.  I was concerned.  I put it on waste yarn and tried it on.  The sleeves were a little tighter than I had anticipated (making me glad I left off the last decrease), but other than that, I wasn't noticing any real issues.  Of course, it's also hard to tell before blocking if this was draping properly.

Once I noticed how close I was to the end, and how NOT long my cardigan was, I went into full on panic mode.  This is when I realized that my yarn was the wrong weight. In desperation, I added two more repeats of the radial increases, hoping to make the cardigan reach it's basic measurements for the M2 size, if maybe a little longer.  It reaches the basic measurements, and blocked out well, and so I consider it a miracle that this sweater fits on my body and can be worn in public.

I should have listened to Liz much earlier in the process when she said my yarn looked like fingering, but alas, I was determined in my folly.  Also, I was meeting gauge when I cast on, but then mysteriously ended under gauge as the progress continued.  I'm normally a very loose knitter, or I was, but my stitches have become much tighter on this and my next cardigan that I am working on.  I think my goal of using knitting as stress relief is helping, but also causing me to grip those needles a bit tighter.  

Thankfully, a great stress reliever in my life is the knitting meet ups I share with these two ladies.  We laugh. A lot.  

 In the course of knitting this cardigan and our Ingenue sweaters, we've become close and I consider them friends in real life, not just my knitting buddies.  We share lots of sass and stories.

Serious shout out to our photographers!  Mike and Felix are the best.  Super patient (especially with me not wanting to stand still or do serious faces - ever), and work to make us look as fantastic as possible in our me made creations.  

Now that our cardigans are done, I find myself experimenting with how many ways to style it.  I love how Liz and Michelle paired theirs with skirts, so I've paired mine with a skirt and a dress over the last two days.  I think I underestimated how versatile this piece would be!

 My wardrobe definitely got a bright pick me up in time for Spring weather to FINALLY arrive in Chicago, and I got to spend lots of time with two of my favorite ladies.  Can't wait to see what we come up with next!



  1. I'm so glad you encouraged us to knit this pattern. It's going to be perfect for spring. I'm already thinking about knitting a second, with stripes, like Liz. And a third. In alpaca. Like you! I love these group projects. I love us.

  2. I love your sweater - I personally wished I'd have knit mine in a fingering weight yarn. Yours has such lovely flow & drape that really only comes from such a light weight yarn. You made a very wonderful mistake. :D

  3. This turned out SO BEAUTIFULLY. The color is perfect. You three are ADORABLE.

  4. Love it! It's super duper flattering on you, and I love the color with your hair :)

  5. Nice work and how lucky it worked out ok! Love that colour on you!

  6. I didn't understand what the heck I was reading (gauge? M2? fingering?), but the finished sweater looks lovely on you and I like how you styled it!

  7. PRETTIES!!! Ladies and cardigans :) Lovely, lovely job!

  8. Awww that last picture makes me smile SO MUCH! And also seriously jealous of your fun knitting times together! You guys are just great! :):):)

  9. So cute! And so great that you three have such a close bond beyond just knitting. :) Love the two funny poses in the middle (still trying to figure out how you did the "falling into the lake" one!). -Amanda

  10. love the drape. I wonder if it's the fingering weight yarn or the alpaca?....not sure, but I added this to my Q. :) well done! :)

  11. I'm catching up on blog reading before going in for the late shift today and HOLY SHIT YOUR VITAMIN D TURNED OUT GORGEOUS!!!!! Isn't it just the most perfect sweater to grab and go in this weather? I love, love, love the color you did and I ADORE the multicolored nautical themed one your friend finished. You've inspired me to cast on another one of my own, I think, and do multiple colors! Simply gorgeous!

    Also, ladies, I did mine in the Berroco Vintage and it was SO WONDERFULY TOASTY WARM all winter. I wore it over my thermals and work clothes as an extra layer during polar vortex winter from hell and it was the best decision ever. I now want to dig through all my yarn and cast on one right now! Right now I tell you!

  12. HOLY COW MEG. okay, i know orange is your signature color, but that shade of green on you is as close to perfection as it gets.

    i love that you all se-- okay, literally thought "knit" and started to type "sew"-- KNIT this together. it really is cool how differently it all came out.

  13. Lovely trio! I like that yours is a bit shorter actually. :)

  14. Dang, that green is amazing on you, you look like a model! And I really enjoy seeing photos with the three of you. I wish I had some knitting buddies to do fun stuff with!