Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Channel Cardigan

Friends!  Darling friends!  It's been ages since we chatted last.  Forgive me, I've been knitting my heart out.  The past month  has been spent on finishing the Channel Cardigan by Jared Flood.  Every free minute I had went towards completing this eighteen page behemoth pattern. EIGHTEEN PAGES.  

Not to say it wasn't a lovely pattern, because I think the results are quite stunning.  I just wish it had been a bit more ... condensed.

This was my first foray into cardigans, and I got the opportunity to learn buttonholes, raglan sleeve shaping, English Rib, and creating chevrons. I also had a great opportunity to polish my seaming skills.  

The pattern has you knit the two sleeves first, followed by the body, the two collar pieces, the belt, and then the belt loops.  As you can see, I made it as far as the belt.  I was knitting this baby down to the wire - until 2:30am, and we shot these photos 6 hours later.

I won't lie - knitting the first sleeve took me a month. Having to recheck the pattern every single row took up so much time, and I just felt myself falling behind. Also, I have really long arms, and I like even longer sleeves.  The pattern calls for 17 inches before starting the sleeve cap, and I worked until I had 22 inches before starting my sleeve cap.  Eventually, I put the first sleeve on hold after I reached the 22 inch mark and started the body.  Truly, I wish I had started the body first because once I had memorized the pattern, I finished the body in about seven days, and then the second sleeve in two. 

*I just want to pause here and say how much I love this back view photo because the white streak in my hair is totally badass.  I wish it were thicker so I could look more like Rogue from the X-Men, but hopefully the thickness will improve over time.*

I knit this monster up in Cascade 220, as did Liz. Oh, yes, didn't I mention that?  I totally rocked out this pattern with three knitting buddies by my side :)

Liz, Michelle, Mari, and I all knit up the Channel Cardigan together. I love this photo - all of the sweaters turned out beautifully!

Liz had some interesting tension issues happening while she knit hers up, and it was strange, considering I am also (normally) a loose knitter and we used the same yarn.  I was even under gauge at points, meaning my fit was a bit more snug than I would have imagined.  I blame my extreme tension on fiscal year end business at work. #knittingmystressout

After much adjusting, Liz's turned out perfectly, and she even added pockets!  So so smart.  Pockets are next on my list of things to learn, and I definitely think I'll be coming to Liz to learn those :)

The color of Michelle's sweater is divine, and has the most delightful flecks of contrast color in the yarn.  I kept wanting to pet her because her cardigan was so soft.  I didn't, however, because the temperature was climbing steadily and we were all starting to feel a bit hot under the collar.

(Seriously, though - I love this jewel tone on Michelle and think I may need a similar color sweater in my wardrobe soon...)

Mari made hers in a lovely red-orange shade, and made the body of hers a bit shorter.  I like the shorter style very much!  She's able to rock hers perfectly without a belt, and the buttons are a perfect finishing touch.

Well, everyone else posed with the tree ... and then you have me:

After three sweater KALs, I don't know how to take normal pictures anymore...

but apparently I am not the only one (hehe!)

Many thanks to Mike and Felix for taking our photos.  So greatly appreciated, guys!

XOXO and keep cool out there, kids!



  1. I'm so sad this all happened after I left. I miss you all so much already. But holy Moses, Megan, you finished it and it is gorgeous! I on the other hand, have only gotten one more inch done on my tank top. But I have done a little sewing and got some more work, thank goodness!

  2. Gorgeous! This sweater is a work of art!

  3. Holy cow! What a gorgeous sweater! Your knitting skillz knock me out! :)

  4. I am over the moon that we're finished with this project! Looking through the pictures, it's hard to imagine that any of us had issue getting this one finished. We all came out on top in the end! Also, I hope you never learn to take 'normal' photos. You are the most entertaining person to take pictures with, EVER!

  5. You are awesome! This turned out so cute! I so want this cardigan, but I just don't think I have the stamina for it!

  6. So gorgeous- lurrrrrrrrve that pattern. I'm with Sonja, though- I don't know if I have the endurance/stamina for this beauty!

  7. Wow Meg, it is GORGEOUS but does look like a serious investment of time and energy. Well worth it!