Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Stashbust 2014: Oonapalooza!



It means you put on your Steelers pajamas AND GO TO TOWN.

The awesome lady Oona sent me Steelers fabric in a care package some months ago (the same package that included this lovely knit), and I've been itching to proclaim my love for our team all over the place.  Then I got stuck - what pattern to use?! Is a wiggle dress too obnoxious to wear at the office (full of Bears fans)? What about a button down - is that too restricting? No, this fabric needed to be every day, show your colors, bleed black and gold lounging pajamas.

I used the Colette Sorbetto and Mini Bloomers patterns, and added some sleeves to the Sorbetto to use up more fabric. This fabric needed to be used and loved, friends. 

I couldn't be happier with how these lounging pajamas turned out. I'm comfy, full of ra ra team spirit, and I'm honoring a shared love with my dearest Oonakins. 


(and Go Steelers - woo Pittsburgh!)


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Stashbust 2014: A Colorful, Comfy Pencil Skirt

Friends, working in an office environment can feel rather restricting, especially when it comes to clothes. In a business casual atmosphere, I understand what to wear (and what not to wear) on a day to day basis, and I try to sew accordingly. I always keep a lookout for knit fabric patterns that could pass for office wear because, for me, there is nothing better than avoiding a waistband digging into your stomach while you sit in the same place for 7 hours.

The darling lady Oona sent me the most delicious knit floral fabric months and months ago, and I've waited and hunted for the perfect knit pencil skirt pattern.  I knew there had to be one printed somewhere, and I really didn't want to use an online tutorial - I didn't want something to go wrong as the fabric became so precious to me.

Finally, I found what I was looking for in New Look 6228, View A. 

Now, I respected that New Look included an elastic waistband, but I was looking for something that had a zipper and could be worn with a blouse tucked in. Elastic waistbands really don't give me a look a like, and so I removed it altogether.

I put a zipper in the left side seam, a hook and eye at the top of it, and tapered the waistband in a bit to take out some of the ease that was left for the elastic.  The panels are all curved at the top to hug my curves in turn. This skirt is wiggle-tastic, you guys.

I'm not even going to lie: I LOVE how my butt looks in this. LOVE. 

I love having a little Oona-flair to rock at the office - it makes the cubicles so cheery :)

XOXO and many thanks, lovely Oona!!


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer Stashbust 2014: Lime Lounge Pants!

Friends, I love being comfortable when I'm home and have nowhere to go. It can be really great to have those completely unplanned lazy days pop up in my schedule every once in a while, and to celebrate these days, I wanted some brighter than bright lime lounge pants.

(I don't know why precisely I wanted lime lounge pants, but I've been aching for a pair for months now, so I thought it was high time to do something about it.)

I wasn't sure what pattern to use until the lovely Lisette left Simplicity 2224 in my care. I decided to make view C, the long version, as some nights it can get chilly around here.

The pattern has these fabulous wrap around pockets which go over the center front seam and get sewn into the side seam. I love how they look, and they are large enough to hold my phone and possibly a cup of tea (but that could get messy). 

The waist is 100% encased elastic - do not be fooled by the bow! The pattern calls for two button holes and a small bit of ribbon to give the idea of drawstring waistline, but it's all an illusion.  I don't mind the elastic waist, as these are purely indoor pants.

I like the fabric - a poly/cotton blend that feels more like linen than poly/cotton. I also love the color. I've been attracted to more and more greens lately, so more of those might be pulled out of the stash sooner rather than later. 

(The Jasmine blouse I made with the leftover fabric can be seen here)

This last photo is especially dear to me.  Last week at work, a woman poked me in the stomach when I was talking about working out. I came home and cried, because WHO DOES THAT. I'm over it now, and as you can see from the above, no more f*cks will be given.

Friends, have a fabulous week, and may you always have amazing lounge clothes in your closet :)


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Stashbust 2014: Sleeveless Jasmine Blouses!

Friends, summer in Chicago can be brutal. It can be extremely hot and humid during the day, only to get steamier at night from evening thunderstorms. While on my quest to make more separates for my closet, I decided to combine my love for bow blouses with my desire to keep as cool as possible.  Voila!  Sleeveless Jasmine blouses:

I busted 1 1/2 yards of butter yellow cotton and lime green poly cotton blend (each) for these blouses, and I've loved every minute of wearing them!  I bound the arm openings with bias tape, so they look lovely inside.  Also, I've been using the serger to finish the insides, which speeds up the process considerably! 

The lime green was leftover from a pair of lounge pants that I had made as part of the stashbusting challenge, but alas, I have not had time to photograph them!  

I have more sleeveless blouses in the works, and even more skirts to pair them with :) 

Stay cool where you are, friends!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Stashbust 2014: A Men's Shirt Refashion

Friends, my sewing mojo has returned with a vengeance. I think I must be sewing every day, and it feels pretty glorious to be cleaning out the bags of fabric, bias tape, zippers, and other random notions.  While cleaning out a box in my fabric closet, I stumbled across a shirt of Papa Grand's that he had passed on to me:

I would normally avoid pale pink like the plague, but the soft cotton of the shirt appealed to my idea that I could use more cotton blouses in my closet.  The humidity can get quite intense here, after all.

I looked up men's shirts refashions on Google, and found one that had been made into a peasant blouse. I tried following links, but alas, there was no credit for the photo and no tutorial. I decided to try my hand at using Butterick 4685.

I am quite pleased with how it came out! I tend to avoid flowy blouses because I think they do nothing for my figure, but I've come to realize that this is exactly the type of blouse I need to combat the heat. The air flow is MAGNIFICENT.

I didn't stitch the placket down, so technically the buttons are functional, but since the top is hemmed at the top and the bottom, it's not coming fully off that way. I left the pocket on so I didn't have to deal with the possibility of holes from the pocket stitching.

I used elastic from my stash, which wasn't the width the pattern called for, but I don't mind - it works perfectly the way it is.  I've worn it several times, and the comfort level is definitely a ten out of a ten.  I found myself wishing I had more men's shirts in my stash!

Now that the refashion is out of the way, I've got lots more blouses (from scratch) to come. I've developed quite a love for sleeveless Jasmine blouses in summery colors :)

Happy Stashbusting, all!