Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Stashbust 2014: A Men's Shirt Refashion

Friends, my sewing mojo has returned with a vengeance. I think I must be sewing every day, and it feels pretty glorious to be cleaning out the bags of fabric, bias tape, zippers, and other random notions.  While cleaning out a box in my fabric closet, I stumbled across a shirt of Papa Grand's that he had passed on to me:

I would normally avoid pale pink like the plague, but the soft cotton of the shirt appealed to my idea that I could use more cotton blouses in my closet.  The humidity can get quite intense here, after all.

I looked up men's shirts refashions on Google, and found one that had been made into a peasant blouse. I tried following links, but alas, there was no credit for the photo and no tutorial. I decided to try my hand at using Butterick 4685.

I am quite pleased with how it came out! I tend to avoid flowy blouses because I think they do nothing for my figure, but I've come to realize that this is exactly the type of blouse I need to combat the heat. The air flow is MAGNIFICENT.

I didn't stitch the placket down, so technically the buttons are functional, but since the top is hemmed at the top and the bottom, it's not coming fully off that way. I left the pocket on so I didn't have to deal with the possibility of holes from the pocket stitching.

I used elastic from my stash, which wasn't the width the pattern called for, but I don't mind - it works perfectly the way it is.  I've worn it several times, and the comfort level is definitely a ten out of a ten.  I found myself wishing I had more men's shirts in my stash!

Now that the refashion is out of the way, I've got lots more blouses (from scratch) to come. I've developed quite a love for sleeveless Jasmine blouses in summery colors :)

Happy Stashbusting, all!



  1. Meg - that's a fantastic blouse! I love it. So girly and cool (in every sense of the word!). g

  2. What a coincidence! I just bought this pattern today during a JoAnn's sale. Great minds think a like. Thank you for posting this.

  3. I've tried and failed at a peasant blouse. But this one is wonderful. :D Love how feminine it is on lovely 'ol you.

  4. I think it looks great on you! I love the pocket on the front :D Great refashion!

  5. Your shirt looks great. I have a few of my Daddy's shirts I kept to do something similar, but haven't quite gotten there yet :)

  6. Your talents know no end, my dear! I love that you're able to look at a garment and envision it then transform it into something else!

  7. You are too cute! Love this!