Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Stashbust 2014: Sleeveless Jasmine Blouses!

Friends, summer in Chicago can be brutal. It can be extremely hot and humid during the day, only to get steamier at night from evening thunderstorms. While on my quest to make more separates for my closet, I decided to combine my love for bow blouses with my desire to keep as cool as possible.  Voila!  Sleeveless Jasmine blouses:

I busted 1 1/2 yards of butter yellow cotton and lime green poly cotton blend (each) for these blouses, and I've loved every minute of wearing them!  I bound the arm openings with bias tape, so they look lovely inside.  Also, I've been using the serger to finish the insides, which speeds up the process considerably! 

The lime green was leftover from a pair of lounge pants that I had made as part of the stashbusting challenge, but alas, I have not had time to photograph them!  

I have more sleeveless blouses in the works, and even more skirts to pair them with :) 

Stay cool where you are, friends!



  1. They look super comfy but yet so chic. Makes me want to bust out my Jasmine patterns, will do when I meet the patterns again in September-ish.

  2. Those are really lovely! :)

  3. You rock the bow blouse better than anybody I know! I love the sleeveless option. It will be a great transitional/layering piece for your closet.

  4. I love the yellow one, the fit is amazing. Is the green one draping differently? The fit looks totally different. I can't wait to see the green pants!!!!

  5. I love these!!! Sleeveless Jasmines are a must in any closet!