Wednesday, March 25, 2015

There Ain't No Cure for the Wintertime Blues...

...except to knit! Knit all the things! 

Friends, I've been knitting like a fiend the last few months, making pretties for all the people that I owed Christmas presents to. In between those gifts, I managed to eek out a sweater. 

Behold the Beekman Tavern Sweater, from the Rhinebeck Sweater book. This is my version, in the lovely Cascade 220 shade of Aporto (closest to actual color above). This yarn has the most divine bits of green thrown in here and there, so knitting it up was a dream. 

The best part of knitting this sweater, though, was definitely the company I knit it with:


While we all started out with the Beekman Tavern as our base pattern, all of our versions are wildly different. That is one of my favorite thing about knitting with Michelle and Liz - the variations at the end are always a wonderful discovery!

Liz's version is such a fabulous blue, and her modifications allowed her to have a sweater that fits her perfectly. She has mastered raglan arms, and the evidence of her hard work can easily be seen here. Also, that color totally flatters her rocking pink hair. She's like a gorgeous sea sprite in these photos.

Michelle's version is the perfect fisherman style sweater. Also, it's uber comfortable in the yarn she used. Her version is the truest to the original design, even with some modifications to the center panels. She rocks it with some fabulous shoes (that both Liz and I lusted over).

While these pictures were a ton of fun to take, this was the fastest photo shoot we have ever done. We were worried that the weather wouldn't be cold enough to take photos in wool sweaters, but we shouldn't have worried. 

This is Chicago (or actually Evanston in these photos), and it was cold and windy as we played around on the rocks. Our hands were FREEZING, but our torsos were quite snuggly.

(Many thanks to our photographers Mike and Felix, who were not so snuggly, but were real troopers!!)

I was especially glad that I threw thick leggings under my Beekman mini dress. Originally, I was just targeting tunic length, but Cascade 220 tends to grow a little bit for me, so this ended up more dress like after blocking. Do I mind? Not a bit. I only worry about it growing outwards, which may end up happening the more I wear it.

The decision to make a longer version of the sweater was made when I tried on the size 36 after knitting for five inches, only to find that the ribbing was so stretchy that the sweater went over my bottom without any issues at all. Rather than re-cast on for a smaller size, I threw caution to the wind and decided to make it long enough to cover my bootylicious bottom. 

I threw in some waist shaping, but I could have easily done more, as it's still pretty roomy in the waist. It gently skims my figure, which I like, and I wore it out belted last night, just to further emphasize the shape.

One of my favorite things about knitting is challenging myself with new techniques. This is my first cabled sweater, and only my second project with cables ever. I feel rather accomplished, considering the length and the amount of time I spent on it. I also love that I took a pattern and adapted it to suit me (with waist shaping and adding a few extra rows for the collar). My confidence in my knitting is increasing, and I love that.

While it feels like winter will never end, I think my time of making only blue items is coming to a close. After working on a Granville muslin for myself, two Negronis for the boyfriend, as well as this fabulous sweater, I'm ready for a new color. Pink, anyone? :)

One sweater down, only six more to go before I reach my goal of seven in 2015. Fingers (and knitting needles) crossed!



  1. I thought I recognized those rocks! my brother used to live right there, in a lovely building with it's own private tiny pier.
    lovely sweater! I don't know if I could make 7 sweaters in a year, but I might, if I gave up sock knitting.

  2. What brilliant sweaters. Love the blue of yours. If only could knit that well or that fast!

  3. You've come so incredibly far with knitting and I'm glad you're feeling confident!! It's been really fun to get to be a part of your journey from first sweater to now!

  4. Very pretty sweaters and beautiful photos! I wish I could knit your version with the same color :) Maybe in 3 to 5 years...

  5. Heavens above, what a fabulous sweater! The colour is sensational and I LOVE that you made it a mini dress. Yay! I enthusiastically support your decision to knit pink!

    I am so happy to see you back blogging. I missed your face on my reader :)

  6. Oh I love these photos so much! You guys are so gorgeous! And how awesome to see all these diffo kind of sweaters!!!!!!!

  7. I love the long sweater in that fabulous blue. It really suits you!

  8. oh wow, you guys are amazing. and look so cool too!

  9. This is GORGEOUS! All three of you look amazing in this pattern, and I love how different each sweater looks! If you wanted to, you could totally take in the sweater a bit at the waist... I was just reading last night about how to take in sweaters using a backstitch: