Saturday, January 9, 2016

Holidaze! Part II

Friends, every August I send out Facebook invitations to my friends for a lovely little party I like to host in December, "Holidaze." August?! you may say. Why, yes! Because every person at the party gets a handmade present, and I need time to put that together. There is no greater stashbust than Holidaze for me, and now that I am making it an annual thing, I use it as a way to purge scraps of yarn and fabric all year round.

This year I ended up with over fifty presents. I felt very accomplished, considering some of these were getting made while we were in the process of moving apartments. Also, because we were moving apartments at the last minute (and I had sent out the invites in August...), my darling friends offered the use of their house for the party. I owe them a big one!

I stash busted those awkward color zippers that had been floating around my sewing area, as well as some iron-on patches from the 1980s, and made some cute zipper pouches using this tutorial.

The peppermint scented heating pads were a big hit at the party, so much so that I made some for Josh's parents as part of their Christmas present. Grab some essential oils and find the tutorial here. The flannel all came from my stash, and it was exciting to see friends running around with pieces that matched my pajama pants. WE CAN ALL BE COZY TOGETHER, YOU GUYS!

I have so much lavender left over from when I taught a class on sewing and we made sachets for our class project. I love this tutorial, and it helped use up bits of fabric and ribbon from my stash (including Doctor Who fabric!).

I also took peppermint scented rice and made hand warmers out of bits of flannel and cotton from my stash - these are super helpful when dealing with Chicago winters. Basically, I try and make things that I think my friends will use. Often, they are things to keep them warm, organized, or smelling delightful :)

The High Line hat, Capucine, Incognito cowl, and a zippered pouch with a fabulous iron-on pear. 

The peppermint scented heating pads, as well as some zippered pouches, and beach balls for the friends with wee babies. Michelle got my favorite bag - an amazing purple floral fabric. I think I need more purple florals in my life :)

Some fabulous zippered pouches, as well as one of the 12 Balls of Christmas.

Bags and pouches, and a stegosaurus from 1983.

Hand warmers require hilarious poses!

Sachets and hand warmers were popular (especially with the lovely Liz and Felix)...

but not as popular as the Space Princess Hat. Travis took it and wore it the entire party. Much envy was had by the other party goers.

This past Holidaze party was a ton of fun, and I've already started making things for next year! I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to my gift making, but it's secret, so the participants don't know what to expect :) I'm so sneaky!

Friends, did you do any holiday gift making this year? Let me know in the comments!


PS. Thank you for your super kind comments on the Significant Other sweater! Both Josh and I appreciated them very much :) Yay for breaking the boyfriend sweater curse!


  1. You are a legend in your own time. I now to your fabulous craftiness! Those peppermint heat packs sound utterly divine!

  2. What a fun idea! I'm sure that your friends love all of the handmade goodies.

  3. You are freakin' awesome! What a fabulous idea--I love it!! And well done on all the stash-bustin', friend-lovin' crafting!

  4. All those handmade goodies! Sounds like you all had a blast. :-)

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