Sunday, January 17, 2016

Resolutions: The 2016 Edition

Friends, every year I make New Year's Resolutions, and sometimes they stick (yay for flossing more often!) and sometimes they don't (sew/knit for 30 minutes each day - boo). But this year, I am determined. My 2016 Resolution (and there is only one) is to get out of debt. I don't have a tremendous amount of debt, but enough that I find it annoying and would love to use the money for student loans to go traveling instead...or buy yarn/fabric without having that nagging, guilty feeling in my stomach. It's time.

This lovely print can be found here
So, in preparation for that, I've started keeping a finance journal. I bought this notebook when I was in London in 2005 (!!!) and have never wanted to use it (lest I mar the loveliness of it) - until now. I have something pretty to write my goals in, and it makes the whole situation less painful. I have a financial goal every single day, because every article about resolutions I've read says to make your resolution specific, and break it down into manageable pieces. So far, it's working. I've noticed a significant difference in my attitude and accounts already.

Aligning with my goal of getting out of debt is my goal of using up my fabric and yarn stashes. Not only do I not want to divert any funds from the debt payoff to buy new fabric or yarn, but more than that, where would I put it?After moving to the new apartment last month, things are still in a state of disorganization. As much as I would like to say I am settled in, I sometimes have issues focusing when I am surrounded by the chaos of my crafting areas. So many projects planned, and so little time. 

To combat some of the chaos, a goal for January is to create ten garments. So far, I have made four Oakridge blouses, two Renfrews, and one Veronika circle skirt made (pictures to follow once the weather clears). Before the month ends, I'd love to finish two Granville blouses, as well as a yellow Veronika skirt which would be amazing with any top in my wardrobe. All of these items were cut out prior to moving, and I'm ready to finally have these pieces in my wardrobe instead of in plastic bags.

In the meantime, I am doing everything in my power to reduce the piles. The large blue plastic bags hold mostly scraps, as I've always wanted to make a quilt. In fact, I have plans for three or four quilts - but the bags might be overtaxing my brain before I can even get started.

Friends, how do you cope with fabric storage issues? And where do you start when your space feels overwhelming? 



  1. Bring everything out in the open. Go through every drawer, closet, bin, bag, box, nook and cranny. Start sorting, keep, donate, sell, garbage (0r freecycle-it is amazing what some folks will take off your hands). Keep only the stuff that you love and know you will use. Sort into fabric types, knits, wovens, ribbing , lining, etc. Put back onto shelving, or use clear bins. You tend to forget it you don't see it. For quilts some folks find it easier to cut into usable pieces such as strips or squares of equal size. Then when you want to start a project, most of the cutting is done. Go through your patterns, notions, thread and gadgets and do the same. It is much easier to organize a smaller amount of stuff, and stuff you really appreciate. Good luck and happy sewing! Barb

  2. Good luck with your resolutions! I don't enter my sewing room since november because of the disorganized fabric scraps, unfinished projects, pattern papers on the ground... This is very overwhelming but I don't know where to start, I need advices too :)

  3. Chris found a lovely Ikea double door wardrobe on craigslist for free! I use the shelving side for fabric storage and the rod side to hang up my PDF patterns. I have a small bin underneath the patterns for small pieces (1 yard or less) of fabric.

    My goals for this year are similar - save, save, save and create from my stash. Intention is my mantra for this year.

  4. Wishing you luck, Meg! My 2016 resolution is also to be more financially mindful. I've finally paid off my student loans, but things are tight. I hope to also chip away at the mental list of projects I have lined up & prepped, but just haven't made time to sew yet. It can start to feel overwhelming! Cheers to tackling it all in 2016!

  5. Best of Luck on the goals Meg! I think they are totally doable. I too get overwhelmed when my space is a mess. Last year - I had hubby put gorilla type shelving up and I refolded and touched every single piece of fabric. Sadly I've added lots more to the shelves and need to stop adding and start sewing. I also find if I cut too much out at once nothing will get sewn. I'm working on that. g

  6. Oh gosh, my sewing space is completely overwhelming at the moment!! I get so little time to sew these days (and it usually comes to an abrupt halt when a child wakes up) that I never take the time to tidy it. It's reached the point where it is both my sanctuary and my guilt-inducing space all at once...! :( must do better...!!!

    Also - my gosh you've sewn so much this month already!! Wow!! I'm super impressed :)

  7. Very impressed with your sewing so far this month! I am currently reading blogs rather than sewing even though I have tonnes I want to make! I was feeling the same about my space after christmas, so last week I had a sort out - I had kept all sorts of clothes because I liked the fabric thinking 'that will be useful one day' Well, that day has not arrived for the best part of 10 years so I was ruthless and took 3 black bin bags of clothes and some fabric to one of my local charity shops today. I have given 2 bags of scraps to my primary school for collages and I now feel like I can go in my room without feeling weighed down by all my stuff. I also went trough all my tools and notions and grouped like things with like, which has made finding stuff much easier. Hope that helps a little. I did all this over the course of a week which made it seem less of a massive task.

  8. Oooh your sewing space is wonderful Meg! All I can say is that I'm itching to come over and get your patterns all back in their envelopes instead of in gallon sized bags.

    I love those two wood basket thingies you have on your wall above your machine. So cute and a great use of that space. :D

    Visual clutter is the worst... makes it so hard to focus; I'm the same way.

    I end up just throwing my arms up 1x a month and giving my room a good clean/purge. I think it's admirable that you're keeping your scraps to make something with - mine leave the house quickly as I can't bear to have them all about me.

  9. My goals for this year are pretty much the same! We've got mostly credit cards to deal with, particularly since my hospital bills from the baby are on that. And a little bit of student loan debt from my husband. So I'm also working from stash as much as possible. And we have a journal that we're tracking in, too!

    It sounds like you're getting an impressive amount of sewing in this month! Good luck with your progress!

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