Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Stashbusting Quilt

Dear Friends! Thank you so much for your comments on my last post. After reading some of your suggestions, I donated some fabric and patterns, as well as reassessed my organization in the room. I also decided to buckle down and tackle one project that was on my sewing to-do list, and happened to be taking up the most room in my sewing area.

The bag at the top of this photo, filled with blue fabric, is GONE! (The other piles are still there, unfortunately.) I decided to finally tackle a scrap quilt, and since I had so many blue pieces, I thought making an all blue scrap quilt would be really amazing. 

I bought Sunday Morning Quilts about a year ago, and had yet to tackle anything from it, but the quilt on the front cover stayed in the front of my mind. 

It's called Candy Coated, and for a beginner quilter (like myself), it seemed relatively simple. I will say that I initially made some pretty huge errors in cutting out my strips, as I couldn't find a recommended width for strips. I quickly learned that cutting out the recommended number of strips at 1" (when you would need 1/2" of that for seam allowance) would mean cutting out more strips at wider widths as you went along. 

In my mind, the skinnier strips make a nice visual break between the thicker strips, but oh man, getting the full length pieces to the required width required quite a bit of extra cutting (thus using up the whole of the scrap bag).

Once all the strips were cut out, then came the fun part of putting everything together. I made smaller sections of strips, squared those, and then stitched into the longer strip. I found the squaring process very satisfying!

This quilt top is full of fabrics that I have been carrying for YEARS. The polka dot fabric was a dress for Kitty, the royal blue surfer fabric has been living in my Mom's stash since my childhood, the yellow and green plaid was left over from a pair of shorts I made myself five years ago, the navy Hawaiian fabric was a dress Mama Grand made me in high school, the white with navy medallions was from my friend Claire's stash, the light blue floral is from a Jasmine blouse I made, the navy elephant fabric is from my most recent Oakridge blouse, Doctor Who fabric from my C2E2 dress last year, the teal Hawaiian print was a pillow from the 90's ... the list goes on and on.

There wasn't much rhyme or reason to putting the strips together, but I made sure not to have too many of the same fabrics too close together. Some of the fabrics did end up matching in different rows, but I actually enjoy those little coincidences!

I found myself staying up late at night to work on the quilt top. I was so excited to see how it was going to turn out, I just wanted to keep on working on it. This project fully revived my lagging sewing mojo and got me thinking about future sewing projects - something that hadn't been happening much lately.

For the backing, I'll be using these amazing twin sized flannel sheets that I stole from my parents' house AGES ago. I had thought to make them into Carolyn pajamas, but my apartment is too warm right now for anything more than a tank top and shorts. Also, I think using these sheets as part of a quilt that already has so many memories is more fitting :)

Once assembly began, I was ecstatic. The colors and patterns looked so so good together! I confess, I didn't yet have all the strips put together before I started assembling, but I was eager to get started on the next step.

Because the smaller sections of strips still needed to be finished, I made the two larger sections with the finished strips (which actually made ironing the whole thing A LOT easier).

The smallest section was used to stitch the two larger pieces together, and once I was finished ironing...


I'm totally in love with it, and I am so excited it's done! The final measurements of the quilt will be 64" by 88", so not large enough for a queen, but definitely for a twin. This will be a blanket for the couch, and will be large enough for two people to snuggle quite comfortably. The next steps, batting and backing, are relatively new to me. I have the backing (the flannel sheet), and I actually have the batting as well! It was part of my grandmother's stash that was given to me, and if I'm able to find enough binding in my supplies, this will be a quilt made completely from my stash! Perfect for my goal of getting out of debt and stash busting :)

Friends, have you ever made a scrap quilt? I'd love to see your versions, if you don't mind posting a link in the comments! 



  1. This is just so amazing Meg! I can't believe you made a whole quilt with one bag of your scraps - it continues to boggle my mind. Looking forward to seeing it in person. :D

  2. Totally amazing!!! I bow to your crafty fabulousness!

  3. What a wonderful quilt! Great use of scraps. What I call a coordinated scrap quilt. If you want to see some of mine, go to L B Quilt Expressions on Facebook, and see a few. We have a longarm business, but I have been sewing and quilting for close to 40 years now... Happy stash busting.

  4. Wow, Meg, this turned out great. I made a "quilt" actually I feel like I'm lying because I still have limited knowledge when it comes to quilting. I just pieced squares of scraps of fabric together and ended with something that looks like a quilt. It took me about three years to finish it. http://sewessentiallysew.blogspot.ca/2014/12/over-three-years-in-making.html

  5. Your quilt top is looking great and what amazing stash busting too!

  6. wow, you have just made a quilt just like that! this would have taken me at least two years to think about, let alone start. Go girl, your amazing.

  7. Wow this looks great! I love using scraps for binding too, just join the scraps on the diagonal to save bulk. I did that here for example and love the look: http://www.lavender-lane.net/2012/08/lauras-quilt-4-binding-and-finished/
    Then it would really be even more of a scrapbusting quilt!

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