Monday, April 4, 2016

Refocusing and Pledging

Friends, I cannot believe it's already April! Where have the last four months gone?! I've been sewing and knitting up a storm, but haven't had much motivation to post my items. With a third of the year gone, I'm refocusing my efforts. I signed up for the fabulous Vintage Pledge, but did not mention it here (which makes it more official, right?).

So I, Meg the Grand, will be making ten vintage garments, and will make at least one of those garments an exercise in redrafting a pattern to fit my measurements,

Also, as it's April, that means Me Made May is right around the I, Meg the Grand, pledge to wear one me made garment a day for the entire month of May. 

While I don't anticipate much blogging happening during the next several months due to some personal things happening in the background, I will be posting my makes on Instagram. I hope to see your lovely makes over there as well!

Much love,