Thursday, January 12, 2017

Daily Action: #SaveACA

Friends, the Senate voted last night to begin the process of repealing Obamacare. Please take a few minutes today to reach out to your representatives, especially if your reps are Republican. Since my Senators are both Democrats and voted NO on repealing the Affordable Care Act, I've been reaching out via Twitter to those moderate Republicans who might be persuaded to vote no on the repeal.

So please, take some time to contact your reps today. Even if you hate Obamacare/ACA with all of your heart, please call and ask them to wait to repeal until there is another plan available to replace it. I even called my parents (our third five-minute chat since the election), and asked my mother to call her Ohio reps. She is their constituent, and I am not, so her voice will matter more to that rep. My constituents have heard from me regularly on this issue, including via Countable

Please, please, please. Let's raise our voices together on this, as it will affect all of us and those we love in the end.


  1. Might wanna state somewhere that Obamacare=a bs word the Republicans made up for the ACA.
    The number of eejits I'm coming across on twitter who think the two are different is stupefying. ����
    Also face to face>>phone calls>>letters/emails>>twitter/social media when it comes to results.
    I'm in Australia but I'm watching your nation's descent (into the gaping hell mouth) with horror and dismay. Whatever incompetent bs the Repubs sell to the US seems to turn up in Aus a few weeks later so.. ���� Best of luck with it all.

    1. The whole thing is maddening - thank you for the insight on face to face!