Friday, February 3, 2017

Daily Action: Preparing for the Weekend

Friends, last night I went to an amazing event called "Art, Now. Act, Now: A Night of Art and Action for Refugee Rights." The performers and representatives from the organizations were all wonderful, but there was one speaker whose words stuck with me. He was an attorney with CALA (Community Activism Law Alliance), and he advised that if you were not born in the USA and are detained at an airport, DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING. Not even if you have gone through the process of becoming a citizen, not if you are on a Green Card, nothing. Sign nothing. While they have not seen it YET, they  (and other immigration and refugee groups) expect people to be asked to sign away their citizenship while being detained.

Another thing that was mentioned was raids. While on a call with other immigration and refugee groups on Wednesday night, the consensus was shared that they are expecting raids this weekend. Raids on undocumented immigrants, at home and at businesses, and since the immigration ban order, possibly other people as well. So, here is what I am asking you to do: get out into your neighborhoods this weekend. Have a fully charged phone. Say hi to your neighbors, shop at immigrant and locally owned businesses, and be a witness to anything that may happen. Don't get arrested, but be a voice for your neighbors and your friends. 

There is a rumor going around that an order will be signed to end DACA. Here's what we are looking at if that happens:

Let's make it our mission to get out and know our neighbors, to be present in our communities, to go to events that benefit immigrants and refugees, to march next to them, to raise our voices on their behalf. Let us be their witnesses and advocates. Let us not "wait and see" what is going to happen next.

Last weekend, we joined together to protest the immigration ban. If anything is signed today that would result in the disruption of our communities, let us go out and stand against it as well.

Be safe out there.


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