Sunday, February 12, 2017

Daily Action: Spring Clean Your Woolen Items

Friends, apologies for the delay in writing - the huddle I hosted last week was so successful that I've been busy organizing and setting things up since!

Today's action is something you can do if you have a few minutes to spare today. Since we're now in the thick of winter, gather up any woolen (or non-woolen) winter items that you have not used so far this season, and donate them to a shelter in your area. Wash them if they've been used and you're ready to part ways, re-block if necessary, and bag it all up to go to those who are in need.

Here's my pile below:

Also, if you have organizations in your area that are in need of yarn, spring clean your stash and donate to them as well! I found a group called the Yarn Mission, and sent them a box last week.

Finally, if you've got leftover skeins of pure wool yarn, you can use these to make dryer balls. I'm working on making some for my holiday party that is ten months away, but will be focused on gifts that are eco-friendly and reduce waste in the environment.  

There's going to be lots coming up this week with ICE raids, new executive orders, and final confirmation hearings for cabinet members, so my next posts will be focused on those topics. 

Make sure you take time to take care of yourself, and thank you so much for reading these posts. I greatly appreciate you being here.



  1. Old sweaters can be felted and made into mittens, and wool yardage can be made into bed rolls. One of our local shelters has specific directions to make a blanket or wool fabric bed roll. Check with your local shelter, because you want to be able to give them items they need.

    1. These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing!