Friday, February 24, 2017

Daily Action: Stand Up For Transgender Rights

Friends, the news coming out of the White House about the rescinding of bathroom rules for transgender students is incredibly disheartening (and for me, hits pretty close to home). Through my anger and disappointment, I'm working to find ways to protect transgender students and adults.

1. Speak up on social media. Say you think the rescinding of the rules is wrong, Even if you are the only person on your news feed sharing something, be it humorous or bleak, this is the time to raise your voice in solidarity.

2. Follow these instructions:

4. Research your local school boards. Do yours have provisions in place for the protection of trans students? Is there someone you can call and ask what protections are in place, and if none, what is the process for getting some enacted? Do you know someone on a school council board? Call them. Use your contacts. 

5. Find out what you local officials are saying. My awesome Congresswoman tweeted the following, and the mayor of Chicago released a full statement on the decision. If they are saying something you agree with, thank them. If not, call their office and ask them to reissue their statement, or to make a statement against the rescinding of these rules.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to go an Indivisible meet up in Chicago, where I heard several elected officials speak, and even met my State Senator. It was lovely to be able to shake her hand and say thanks in person. Show up, say thanks, and share your thoughts. I had been feeling really low about not being able to engage some of my friends in the activist work I've been doing, but being around people who are as committed as I am was the best comfort I could have asked for.

Have a good weekend, all - and go to a trans rights rally if you find one in your area. I'll be attending this one in Chicago. Hope to see you there!



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