Monday, February 13, 2017

Daily Action: Upcoming Town Hall Meetings

Friends, the week of February 17-26 is the first district work period (“recess”) of the new Congress, which means your representatives will likely be home and hosting town halls. While my Senators and Congresswoman are doing a great job in office, if they are speaking nearby, I'd love to see them. Currently, I'm more focused on my Illinois General Assembly Representative and Senator, as I've not heard them speak, and I find it's more difficult to keep track of what they are doing due to a chaotic ILGA site. 

Today's daily action is to do some research and find out when your Congressional reps or state level reps are hosting town halls in your districts, and plan to attend if you can. If you're having issues finding a town hall for your rep, check out this Indivisible Guide on Missing Members of Congress. Also, here's a great list from Indivisible Guide on how to have a successful town hall. I'm already planning a list of questions, and I hope to rally my Huddle group from last week to go with me. While my reps' offices appear to be closed for today, I've left messages and will try to call again tomorrow about bills that are up for discussion, as well as when I can come see them, face to face.

XOXO and good luck,


  1. Good luck! My Rep is one of the "in hiding" ones--voicemail always full, no town halls, will not commit to holding one, "too busy" to talk to constituents, etc. Somebody found out he will be in town to speak to a right-wing organization, though, so I expect there will be a demo outside. We will be heard, even if they don't like what we have to say.

  2. You are inspiring! Keep letting us know what we can do. Indivisible is the way to go!

  3. Inspiring as ever, sending all support from the UK.