Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Daily Action: Call Your State's Attorney General

Friends, now that the new travel ban is out, it's time to hop on the phone with our state attorney generals. This Wall-of-Us post has a great explanation on the power that state attorney generals have, as well as which attorney generals opposed the previous ban before it was defeated in court. I called the Illinois AG for the first time yesterday and was able to pass along my thanks to a very surprised staffer. I then saved the number in my phone in case I need it for future use. Wall-of-Us gives scripts for if your AG opposed the travel ban, or if they said nothing.

CAIR Chicago has launched the Travelers Assistance Project (TAP), which would help at-risk travelers with legal assistance on the ground. It's a pilot project here in Chicago, and will most likely expand once it find partners in other markets around the country. 

If you're looking for an airport protest near you, check out this list here. Also, let them know if a demonstration is coming up so the site can list that as well!

If you're looking for something to do closer to home, print off one of these signs and hang it in your window, My neighborhood is full of them, and it's beautiful.

On the subject of travel, the TSA has begun warning local police about its new pat-downs, which may result in travelers calling to report harassment or "abnormal" federal frisking (!!!!).

Finally, tomorrow is A Day Without a Woman. Here is the official link regarding the purpose of the day, and also includes way to participate in the day, whether you have to work or are able to take the day off. I have to work one of my jobs tomorrow, but tomorrow evening, I'll be joining in some events in my local community to celebrate the spirit of the day. Also, I'll be wearing red in solidarity.

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