Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Daily Action: Celebrate International Women's Day

Friends, today is International Women's Day, and also "A Day Without a Woman." If you're looking to participate in today's strike, whether you have to work or not, there is an outline below:

While I have to work one of my jobs today, I'll be wearing red and avoiding shopping (unless at women and minority-owned businesses). 

If (like me) you're not able to unplug today, here are some excellent links to help you celebrate today:

The Women's National Book Association is sending a book for each day of Women's History Month to the president and his staff. The list of books they are sending is pretty amazing!

Here's a list of 13 Feminist Documentaries that are currently available on Netflix for streaming.

If you're looking for some music to listen to, check out this Spotify playlist compiled by Feminist Fight Club.

Here's a growing list of women owned businesses! If you notice some are missing from your area, add them in the comments!

If you're thinking of getting a feminist tattoo in the near future, here are some beautiful ideas.

If you're ever traveling and in need of assistance on a range of health issues, check out Gynopedia. If you have good information to contribute for your area, go to your city and add that information! For instance, here is the page for Chicago:

I've been running low on postcards lately, and with the Ides of March coming up, I'm thinking of restocking from this store.

Friends, how are you celebrating International Women's Day today?

XOXO and much love,


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