Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Daily Action: Find Out Where Your Senators Stand on Judge Gorsuch

Friends, it's been a crazy few days. The ACA repeal was defeated (HOORAY!! Thank you for calling your reps!!). It's been great to celebrate that victory, but I'm trying to remind myself that just because the ACA was saved, it doesn't mean the attacks on health care will stop. If anything, we'll have to be more vigilant in making sure both parties come to the table to fix issues with the ACA.

Right now, the focus is on Judge Gorsuch's confirmation hearings and vote for the Supreme Court. Currently, the Senate Panel vote has been delayed for a week. That gives us time to call (or fax) our senators. Mine have not issued any statements on Gorsuch, and I'd like to push them to have their opinions out before the end of this week. 

I dislike Gorsuch for many reasons, but a big issue I have is he sides with employers more than workers (especially in the frozen trucker case). According to this article, "has sided with employers 21 out of 23 times in disputes over the U.S. pensions and benefits law, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, or ERISA." I like to keep this in mind when I contact my senators, so I can have specifics to mention when asking them to vote No. I can also bring up some of his responses to questions during the confirmation hearing.

If you have a few minutes today, please call your Senators and make your position on Gorsuch known, and also find out where they stand. As we've seen with the ACA, our calls are making a difference. Thank you!



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