Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Daily Dose of Inspiration

If you do nothing else today, go meet Jenny aka THE BLOGGESS.  She is wonderful.  Read her Traveling Red Dress blog and then go out and find your red dress.  And twirl around in it many many times.  I am now sitting here at my desk pondering what mine is or what it could be.

It is a beautiful dose of inspiration, and I found another one not shortly after.  It's called the Art O Mat.  A group called Artists in Cellophane recycle banned cigarette vending machines and make it so art is distributed instead.  I found the location of one in Chicago and I plan to seek it out before the week is over.  Absolutely brilliant.  In Hamburg, the machines sell books, which are all original texts by Hamburg authors.  If this was more common, maybe I would have quit smoking sooner.  I had a great addiction to cigarettes for many years, but my addiction to books has lasted a lifetime. 

I have found my inspiration for today, and I hope you find yours as well!


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