Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Best Laid Plans ...

Well, Self Stitched September began well.  I was wearing a skirt I created out of green wool shorts that my Mom gave me (the fabric was completely lovely) and a shirt I altered that had belonged to my wonderful boyfriend.  I altered a pair of pants my friend gave me and some random tank tops that had been floating around my closet.  I wore my Anthro knock off sweater and shorts I made from old pajama pants...

And then it got really really chilly here in Chi-town.  I did not have enough warm clothes made to battle off the chill and I gave in and wore clothes I had not made.  I confess I am not the fastest sewer and could not keep up with the weather changes. 

I did get a new camera, though - after I had switched over to factory manufactured clothing.  I am planning on adding those Self Stitched outfit photos on Friday when I reveal my new sewing plan!

New sewing plan? What could this be?

Since I could not keep up with Self Stitched September, I wanted to do something that I could work on at my own pace and that would not kill me completely.  I am instituting "Fresh Frock Friday" for myself.  Each Friday, I want to wear one article of clothing that I have made or refashioned.  It just gives me one more reason to look forward to Friday.  September is crazy for me with the marathon right around the corner and running four days a week and strength training when I get a chance.  (Sidenote:  I have never showered so much in my life.  I feel like I am the cleanest person ever.)  Back to FFF: I am bored with my wardrobe.  It's so all over the place that I am missing some staples like white blouses, or a nice black skirt, for example.  I work in an office environment, and while I am not looking to push the envelope with my clothing, it would be nice to have some professional pieces that speak more to my personality and can be easily interspersed with other items I already own. 

This is what I have been working on for this Friday:  McCalls 5929

I really love the ruffle detailing on the red shirt, so I have been making my own in a blue and white checked fabric that my grandmother was giving away.  I would love to eventually pair this with a pair of blue shorts that my Mother gave me to refashion into a skirt. 

I am doing other things besides sewing to alleviate my wardrobe boredom.  This Friday, I am attending a clothing swap with my girlfriends.  Wine, cheese, fruit, and clothes that I can have for free?  Yes, please!  I am hoping to find some staples there that can be refashioned or just worn as is.  Because this event is coming up on Friday, I have been cleaning out my closet and my jewelry box.  I have so much jewelry that I never wear and it just needs to go.  The pieces I do love, however, I have been making an effort to wear more often.  Today I am wearing a necklace that I love but it was tangled up in other necklaces.  I freed it from its silvery prison and it works very well with an outfit I wear frequently.  Just a different necklace makes this outfit feel fresh and not so overworked. 

Well, ladies, here's to hoping I can conquer buttonholes and have a new frock on Friday!


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