Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lace Remnants

Friends, I have a large fabric stash, but I also have a very large lace stash as well.  All sizes and colors rest in a box in my sewing room and tonight I decided to pick through it.  I am in the process of turning this sweater below into a cardigan and I wanted some lace embellishment... 

I was thinking something like this lovely sweater refashion at iCandy, but I was not finding any lace that really fit the idea.  I continued searching through the lace and I found some very interesting remnants:

OK, this piece is fabulous, aside from the fact that someone took random pieces and flowers out from the centers, making it difficult to create a uniform piece.  I looked at it for about ten minutes before getting out the scissors, and now I have this:

 Some uniform pieces that could be added to various projects.  I really adore this lace.  It's made from something akin to embroidery floss so it feels durable.  Here's where I am stuck - I don't think it would look quite right on the sweater, but I desperately want to use it for a project.  I am thinking it might look lovely pieced together on a pillow?  Or perhaps on a tote? Or on pockets of an apron?

The possibilities are endless!  I am going to have to sleep on this, I think :)

Have a fabulous night, all!



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