Friday, March 25, 2011

Vogue Patterns Summer Collection - Thoughts?

Friends, I received a lovely little email reminder that the Summer Pattern collection was available from Vogue.  Well!  Of course I could not resist taking a little peek... and I came away a little disappointed.

This dress has got some crazy bat wing details coming out of the side seams.  I don't know about you, friends, but I for one could not pull this look off.  I feel like it is trying to be an updated version of a toga, but putting draping in unflattering places.  I want to draw attention away from my hips, not towards that area.

Again, this would draw too much attention to my hips.  Is it bad that I am not completely wild about their fabric choice on the model? 

Vogue, you're killing me here.  What am I supposed to do with those wings?  Or are those pockets?  I could carry my groceries home in this.  That is one way to do strength training for the marathon!

No, no, no.  This is going to be on an Ugly Pattern list someday.  Jumpsuits have a short lived life, which is why I'm going to make my romper from my McCall's pattern and wear it during the summer before it goes out of style for 20 years.

I am iffy about this.  I think I may have too many curves to pull off such a slimming style, but I love the neckline.  So interesting - I would love to see more details like this in patterns!

I don't know.  It could work.  I'm just not feeling anything about it.  The jacket has draping details that are nice, but I know for a fact that I cannot carry off a skirt like that. The sheath dress has an interesting detail, but I feel that with a little drafting, I could alter a sheath dress pattern that was already in my collection.

I usually check out the pattern collections for their Vintage Vogue options, because these are affordable reproduction(ish) patterns!  Who wouldn't be excited?  Well, I don't think I have many places that I could wear the number below.  Is it just me, or is this dress a wee bit Cinderella at the ball? 

I like the colors they used for this, and I would probably shorten the hem to make it more attractive on me.  I like the draped neckline and band in the middle - though I would probably make it in one fabric rather than several.

Ok, these are the patterns that I love:

The fabric choice has totally swayed my opinion in this pattern.  The colors work so well and the neckline is almost a V but has some curve to it, as well as gathering around the side panel, that I find intriguing.

I ADORE this.  I have developed a new love for wrap dresses and this is simplistic and divine.  Love the neckline with a passion.

And finally, Vogue redeems itself with this Vintage Vogue pattern.  I will take one of these in green silk jersey, please.

Friends, what are your thoughts?  Please let me know your opinions - I would love see what you think of the new collection!


  1. Wings are definitely not good for us girls with curves of any kind, at all.

    That last dress is amazing!

  2. After the Cinderella dress, things are looking good, but all those 'saddle bag' silhouettes would be hard to work for most people. Maybe that's the point??

  3. I'm a fan of the last two. Shapeless sacks, no matter how draped, just don't make me happy.

    also, just found your blog. lovely work.

  4. I am not digging the tread on the ones you did not like... that jumpsuit is rediculous. The last two are my FAVORITE and I really want to purchase the last one, I think that style looks flattering on all women :)