Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Winter Sewing...Finally

I have come to the conclusion that winter here lasts entirely too long.  Sewing all of these lovely summer outfits has begun to depress me a bit, so I broke out some projects from the "refresh" pile and got sewing on some winter items.

My Mom gave me this lovely green sweater, but sadly, it got wrapped around the center of the washing machine and stretched out.  So...I definitely had to take it in more than I originally thought!

I took it in on the sides and sleeves and it is oh so warm and lovely.  My cubicle at work is a little chilly so this is a piece that will be well used before warmer weather arrives.

My sister gave me this green track jacket she no longer wears.  I took a patch I bought on my trip to Ireland in 2007 and stitched it on.  Yay!  A jacket to wear in the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle on April 10. 

While not exactly winter wear, I layer t-shirts all the time to deal with the cold.  It is very rare that I feel comfortable enough to take off my coat in restaurants and so I've resorted to wearing four layers at all times.  This t-shirt holds a special place in my heart because it truly is a vintage tee (thanks Dad!) and pays homage to my hometown: Cincinnati!

Enjoying my new (re-sized) shirt and eating Girl Scout cookies while watching the there a better way to spend a Sunday night? 

The boyfriend smiles even though I have eaten all the cookies.  I bought him his own box of Thin Mints so I could eat my Tag A Longs in peace.

And finally, a sweater refashion idea I got from Suzannah at Adventures in Dressmaking...
I added lace to a $5 sweater from H&M and it has made it so much more wearable!  I love layering it with long sleeve shirts.

I'm all glowy and orange ... like my bottle of Dayquil.

Have you done any "winter" sewing?  Post a link in the comments so I can see your lovely things!


  1. Wow, great job! I particularly love your lace embellishment, I should give that a try. :)

    I'm with you on Spring sewing in the winter, it does get depressing!

  2. so weird! i just bought this crochet trim short-sleeve button-up shirt. looks a lot like your newly embellished shirt only you made yours and it's more impressive :)