Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Work Distraction!

Friends, I regularly read Craft Gossip for inspiration and tutorials. I love that they feature articles for all sorts of crafts, from embroidery to knitting to fabulous things that can be done with Super Glue. Today, however, was the article I have been dreaming of seeing...

The Girl Creative just posted a tutorial on how to create sailor pants for little girls!  Now, I know what you thinking: Meg, you are not so little anymore.  Dear friends, I know - but I am feeling so inspired by her directions that I think I could possibly create an adult size pair of pants with these instructions!  Of course, I may have also lost my mind...but I have some denim blue corduroy that has been sitting in the stash, unused and unloved, for years now.  I am imagining myself in a pair of blue sailor pants, walking down Navy Pier, eating a churro....*happy sigh*

And now, I am completely useless at work.  Is it time to go home and sew yet?

1 comment:

  1. oh no!!! If I had more time I would create a whole wardrobe from those ideas for my niece! Great site!