Friday, April 22, 2011

My Photographer is Rebelling

A few months ago, I decided I needed some more blouses in my closet.  I've been making a boatload of skirts and dresses, but have been neglecting the blouses and shirt patterns waiting in my stash.  I pulled out the recent purchase of McCall's 5522 and thought View A would be a lovely addition.  I had some polka dot fabric in my stash and got sewing...

Well, I hated the first version of the blouse.  It was too big, the shoulder seams did not match up with my actual shoulder (which makes me think I made need to do a shoulder adjustment for shirt/dress patterns from here on out), and the collar made me look like I was a priest.  I have officially dubbed this "My Priest Shirt."

The other night I pulled it back out of the pile.  I had put too much effort into it to consider it a lost cause just yet.  I adjusted the shoulders, took in the sides, and made the collar not so stiff.

I also took a houndstooth skirt that has been in my family since the 80s and gave it a new hem and button closure.  Yay for being wearable!

And then I asked Rob to take pictures.  Here is the story:

"Rob, does the combo of polka dot and houndstooth go together?"

"Yyyyyeaaahhhh..." (said in a very strange voice....)

"Dude, Rob, why are you lying to me??"

"I'm not lying to you!"

"Your voice got really weird.  Let's try a picture where I am smiling.  It doesn't work as a combo, does it?"



"Just take the picture."

Here are the fabrics next to each other...not so awful, but I think I may avoid this combo unless I am feeling like a trendsetter.  Usually, I just want to be wearing something clean.  I don't know if you call that trendsetting or lazy.

Hello, new button!

"Rob, will you take a picture of the collar?"

"Rob, that is the WORST picture of me ever.  Delete it."


"Fine.  But please take a normal one.  Just of the collar.  Not my face."

(Notice the attitude finger)

That's amore :)



  1. polkadots and houndstooth totally go together. Boy's smokin' the crack for sure.

    Also, very jealous you have a photographer. Despite having three other people (and a cat) in the house, I have to take my own photos. Now granted two of those people are under the age of eight (and one is a cat) but....

    word verification: "debels" -- these are really rebellious debutantes.

  2. I totally agree. Taking your own photos often leads me to look wider because photobooth on my laptop is below me!
    Very frustrating!
    I like how this looks too!
    I am totally going to have to get used to a narrow shoulder adjustment. All my sleeves hang off my shoulders... Sigh...

  3. thanks for posting this! I have the same pattern in my stash and am planning on using it for a steampunk outfit, and it looks like it will work out just fine!

  4. so hard to have a photographer, isn't it? i get all shy around ruggy and my pics look crazyface.