Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Queen Oonaballoona Nominated Me For An Award. Hilarity Ensues.

If you have not read the musings of Oonaballoona yet, you need to stop and read up on this lovely lady.  Go ahead, I'll wait.  Just put down your coffee first or you may end up spitting all over your laptop and impairing your "L" key like some of us...

But this fabulous bloggess has nominated me for "I Am All That" Award - which I gladly accept with a grin, because how could you not?  The title of the award rocks my socks off.

This award was originated by the also lovely beangirl - who is also hilarious and should be read regularly.

1. what size shoe do you wear? if you wear a size 7, can i borrow your shoes?

I wear a size 10, sadly.  I have large feet and it can get a little weird with shoes sometimes and the pinching and whatnot...but I will proudly admit to wearing running shoes in a 10 1/2 because I am a runner and my feet swell during the marathon but I am running a marathon so I am a WARRIOR! 

Whew.  Other than that, I think my feet are just big and clumsy most of the time.  I painted my toenails orange this morning.  Are we surprised?  Not really.

2. 30's or 60's?

I really love the 60s, for both the hippie elements of loose clothing, long hair and wide leg jeans...kind of like the photo below...hello Abe Lincoln photobomb!  I also really love the sheath dresses and "Mad Men" looks, because they just really work for my curves.

...I also really love the glamour of the 30s...the hair, the luxurious fabrics, the way everything appeared just so... I am going to take the easy way out and say both :)
3. have you ever kissed someone you shouldn't have?

Most definitely, yes - yes, yes, yes.  I did however, use this lesson in life to write a solo performance piece on all the people I had kissed...and then performed it in my stand up class's showcase.  He totally had a girlfriend, but something came over me and I was like "Sh-BAM!" I was also a freshman in college and to me, he smelled like cookies.  Seriously.  He wore the vanilla scent from Bath and Body Works.

Now I only kiss the Robert.

4. have you ever been poisoned? was it by the girlfriend of the person you kissed? that is awesomely "knot's landing."

I was not poisoned by that girl, but I have gotten food poisoning from olives.  Twice.  You're probably like, "No way, Meg," but I am telling you, it was hard to think otherwise.  I don't want to go into details, but let's just say I got crazy sick the first time I met Rob's parents and threw up in front of his father the next day.  "Pleased to meet you - blech!"  I cried the entire way home from Missouri...all 7 1/2 hours.  Apparently, that endeared me to his family and we get along great now.

...Or maybe they poisoned me to test me to see if I was worthy.  And now I have just entered a whole new level of paranoia.

 5. who's on your "celebrity free pass" list (top 5)?

Chris Martin from Coldplay
Viggo Mortenson
James McAvoy
Colin Firth
and David Tennant...

yes, please :)  Now that I look at this list, it appears I am a big fan of men from across the pond!

Finally, I have to choose "I Am What I Am And What I Am Is All That Picks"... the fabulous people who read this blog and put their personality and talents out into the world for all of us to love :)
Amanda from Sewin in the Rain
Donna from Nid de Tissus
Jodi from Jodiwodes
Kim from Fun, Flirty, Fantastic - welcome to blogland, Kim!!
Mimi from Magpie Mimi
Mary from Idle Fancy
and Lisette from What Would Nancy Drew Wear?

but don't stop there!  Check out the blog list along the side - my daily reading is so satisfying :)


  1. Thanks for the nomination! I too have size 9.5/10 feet, which makes it a bit hard to find shoes that don't pinch my feet sometimes. :]

  2. Fabulous! thanks for nominating me!! Love this award :-)

  3. QUEEN oonaballoona?! i... i... well, if you must.

    i agree,the dude who wore the vanilla scent was someone you should not have been kissing. for various reasons.

    your answers are hysterical! especially the poison paranoia!

  4. Woohoo, thanks for nominating me! Your answers (and Oonaballoona's) are hilarious - mine will be so lame in comparison!

  5. You rock the 30's and the 60's looks! Thanks for passing the award along to me - I'll get cracking.
    P.S. Who could *not* put Viggo Mortensen on their list?!?

  6. Thanks for the nomination! Need to take some pics before I post my reply. Thank you so much!