Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sew Weekly Challenge: "Kidding Around" or "Catholic School Girl Refashionista"

I was kind of a goofy looking kid.  I had crazy red hair, bangs, and a huge gap between my teeth.  While I feel like I have improved in looks, I have not changed in one aspect: I still love color and I still love patterns.

This tunic below - I wore ALL THE TIME.  With stirrup pants.  And two pairs of socks, different colors but layered so you could see both.  Because that is just how I roll, ya'll.  Polka dots, flowers, stripes - this tunic had it all....

And in trying to relive those magical tunic days, I started with this stained shirt from my Bird Woman days...

...added some fabulous knit fabric that I randomly had in my stash...

...made some fabulous waistbands...

...and cuffs...

...and neckline...


Is the anticipation killing you yet?  Hello, Batwing Tunic!

(Interpretive bat move)

I am in love with this tunic.  Seriously.  So comfortable and I love love love the sleeves. I love that I was finally able to use the stained Bird Woman shirt for something!

I totally recommend checking out the Batwing Tunic pattern on BurdaStyle.  I know I have other knit fabric floating around and this may be a Spring/Fall wardrobe staple for me.

For the second part of this challenge, I did some simple refashioning...

Enter into my childhood, and what I like to call "The Uniform Years."  I went to Catholic School for twelve years, and so, when it came time to graduate high school and move on to college, I did not know what to wear.  No joke.  And boys in the classroom?  Squee!  I have not seen a boy in my classes for four years!

Here I am with my sister - I am in fourth grade, judging by my shoes. I loved ankle boots.  I have now gained cankles and gotten rid of shoes that emphasize that portion of my body.

Isn't that plaid awful?  Orange, navy, white, and grey.  When I worked in a School Uniform Store in college, my boss came across this plaid and said it was the ugliest she had ever seen.  I had to agree, and then laughed when I told her I had worn it for eight years!

To recreate this oh-so-lovely look, I took a sweater that I have had since high school and began styling it to fit my style today.  It had lost all of its shape and was kind of blah.

But wait!  What is that skirt?!?!?

Friends, I found this awesome pleated skirt at a thrift store here and IT WAS THE SAME AWFUL PLAID!

Love the pleats.  It was a little long for my taste though - again, drawing attention to the cankles - and needed some sweet rehemming love.

Here is my Catholic School Girl - 2011 look.  A shortened plaid skirt and pullover to cardigan refashion. Only seventeen years later can this look actually be pulled off.  Kind of.

I decided not to repleat the hem after I zig zag stitched it.  I am definitely enjoying the little bit of flair it adds.

Why yes, I did turn in my taxes on time!  (These photos were taken right after the grueling process was completed.  That is sheer joy on my face.)

I like pigtails.

Student of the Year, ya'll. 

I originally had just a straight line of lace around my new cardigan's edges, but then decided it needed something more "fun."  Here is a close up of the detailing I added.

If you have any fabulous childhood pictures and outfits, I would love to see them!  Leave me some link love in the comments :)

Have a fabulous day, Friends!


  1. I think you win for most improved outfit that still is somewhat the same! The skirt came out uber-cute. I did not go to catholic school, but my mom made me wear something that looked like one in sixth grade for my class photo. It was olive and navy and white with big clonky camel suede oxfords. I was so embarrassed, and then even more so when the boy I liked had a similar outfit for class photo! I was sure he would think I was a telepathic weirdo copycat, haha!
    I'll make sure I upload that one even though it isn't my inspiration.

  2. you two must have so much fun take the after photos! Keep it up, you're amazing!

  3. fabulous, BOTH! i love the 2011 interpretation! and those photos are hi-larious.

  4. Beautiful job on both outfits! The revamped Catholic school uniform is awesome. :)

  5. Fabulousness! I love them both! Great way to refashion...loving the batwing top--must check that out! Got my taxes in on time too! woot woot!

  6. Bird woman! I miss your bird woman days.