Friday, April 15, 2011

What's On TV with Sew Weekly...

Next week's theme: What's On TV?

It's going to be epic, Friends...
A little bit of BurdaStyle Chiffon Kimono Dress...

 ...and mix fabulously with Rhoda!

Epic, I tell you.
I am going to go assemble my pattern right now :)


  1. oh.

    SO GOOD.

    i was just trolling the webz for my inspiration... i might just have to go with a li'l "what's happening". but rhoda, oh, the fabulousity,

  2. Rhoda was so on my top three short list! I'm glad someone is doing her!

    Oona! You've got to make an awesomely sexy Rerun outfit! Red beret, jumper!