Friday, May 6, 2011

Giveaway Winner....and Another Giveaway!

The moment you have all been waiting for has arrived...

Congratulations to Isis!!! Winner of the lovely fabric and these extra items I've thrown in:
The Sealtest cookbook, which does not have a date, but has lovely vintage photos, and a yard and a half of the floral cotton below!

A photo from the cookbook...

Woohoo!  Isis, I will be contacting you shortly for a shipping address :)

Friends, do not despair, because it is FRIDAY and I have another giveaway!
I am giving away:
this lovely red/blue/gold paisley fabric (a yard and a half) and the Saturday Evening Post cookbook (complete with comics inside)...

this fabulous black netting with leaves painted on it and a pattern for how to make your own dragon...
(because we all need a dragon, even if it is a little one...)

this lovely olive green floral fabric (two yards)... grosgrain ribbon, gold and white ric rac, and light blue blanket binding...

the green ribbon would not photograph well but just know that there is also green ribbon involved...

...this blue cotton (a yard and a half)...

...and the best part of them all...
LaRosa's Spaghetti and Pizza Sauce and Skyline Chili.  These are Cincinnati delicacies, ya'll, and must be shared with you lovely people! You must know the power of the chili!

I have six cans of each in my cabinet, and restock every time I go to visit the family.  


Same rules:  

1. Leave an email address so I can reach you!
2. It does not matter your geographic location on the world map.
3. Giveaway closes at 12pm CDT Monday

In the Comments, let me know what your local delicacy is and you will be entered to win!

Good luck!!!


  1. Love the fabric and would love to try some of the Cincinnati favorites... they aren't available anywhere near me.

  2. Love the photo from the cook book! Well, local delicacy...there's a couple and both tea time related and rather similar come to think of it, there's Welsh cakes which are a bit like flattened scones and you can have them with or without currents but the ones without are the best as they have a jam filling! There's also bara brith which is a really lovely fruit cake, very dense and moist, that you have in slices as thick as door stops and smother with butter! Mmmmm!

    angelicaldevil (at) talk21 (dot) com

  3. hmmmm local delicacy, well there are a couple, yorkshire pudding being the most obvious, but my childhood favorite was a 'patty buttie' a patty of mashed potato fried in batter and eaten in a breadroll, mmmmm carb overload!

  4. hmm, Detroit, where I was born is known for coney dogs, Stroh's ice cream, and real Vernors (not the stuff they sell today. Where I live now, just outside of Ann Arbor, the big draw here is Zingerman's Deli, but the unknown one is their gelato. Burnt sugar is the best flavor.

    knitstuff (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. The fabrics look great. Never had any Cincinnati specialties.

    I live in the Pacific NW which has a number of lovely local delicacies but at the top of my list would be Fresh Pacific Salmon, dungeoness crab, marionberries, and filberts (hazelnuts). I honestly cannot think of prepared food that defines the area although there may be something.

  6. in Devon we live on CIDER ! or so my husband trys to tell me nearly every day!!!x x x

  7. Well, this time i read the instructions thoroughly. I didn't grow up in Nashville, and the only local delicacy I can think of is Southern Bar B Que....It's so yummy!!

  8. I live near Niagara Falls (on the Canadian side). The only local delicacy I'm aware of is the ice cream from the dairy my grandfather used to work at. So ice cream from Avondale it is.


  9. I need my own dragon Meg! I do I do. My email is

    You already know this but Toledo's "delicacy" is Tony Paco's! How can someone visit Toledo and not get one of their dogs or some yummy yummy chicken paprikas? I mean, Alice Cooper's signature is on a hot dog bun in the main restaurant for Pete's sake!

    I must say that you're mean for showing off that Skyline, I miss BG having one so I have to go down south to get any.

  10. Thank you so much! Sorry to not see it sooner- I'm a bit behind in my bloggreading!

    (And I'm not entering this giveaway, btw) ;)

  11. I'll give this a try since the gifts are so lovely this week. According to IKEA local Swedish delicacies are meatballs with potatoes and gravy, though I wouldn't call those served at IKEA a delicacy. My grandmother's or my mum's on the other hand, they're so good a barely dare to make my own.