Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sew Weekly Challenge: Embellish This or "I ran all the miles and this is my happy dance"

Hello again, Friends! No, I didn't forget about you.  I've been busy preparing for Me Made June, and let me tell you, I am crazy excited about some of the new clothes I am going to wear next week!  I'll post pictures as the days go by...I'd like to have a few surprises up my sleeve.

I started this little number below months ago after finding it in One Yard Wonders (Strapless Tunic pattern). And then I realized I hated the color and it was completely impractical because it is strapless. Strapless bras are the worst.  In theory, they are great...until you wear them and they end up mid way down your rib cage and you try to slyly adjust the girls but that becomes as big an ordeal as trying to pick a wedgie.  Neither of these things can really be accomplished in public without garnering a whole lotta attention.  So I put it on the shelf.  

Finally, I picked it up for this challenge, put in the elastic, and added some embellishment!

I added ribbon around the top and bottom, large purple buttons above the slits, and threw on a scarf that I had gotten through a clothing swap a few months ago. It looks a little Grecian.  I dig that.

While I'm not feeling comfortable enough to wear this strictly as a top, I think it will make a fabulous swimsuit cover up.

Well, that wasn't the only embellishing I did...I disappeared for a few days in front of the machine, so I need to have something to show for it!

I have this grey Old Navy sweater that's just okay. It's a necessary work staple but I wanted to add some pizazz.

...and I pulled this dress out of the "to be finished" pile. I just wasn't feeling a ton of love for it. It needed ...something.

Together, these items make for a perfect summery outfit! Or a perfect "it's 70 degrees and about to downpour on my head" outfit.
Here is the outfit.  I gathered some seam binding and attached the ruffles to the neckline of the dress, while adding some lovely lace flowers to the cardigan.

I needed to sit because I'm completely exhausted...

I just ran the Soldier Field 10 Miler.  This is me after a shower and much interrupted nap (who does renovations on a Saturday???)...

It was pretty cool seeing myself on the jumbotron as I finished on the fifty yard line.

Ah, Chicago.  Some day the sun will return, but not before July, I'm sure. 

I may take another nap.  Because I can.

Close up of the trims and flowers.  I love the cardigan, and the dress will definitely see some use now.  It needed a little spicing up - wearing white so close to my pasty pasty skin is not very flattering.

 It suddenly started pouring, and I was so blissfully happy that it happened during pictures and not during the race. I was soaked through during the run because of the humidity, but seriously, rain gets in your shoes and makes the trail muddy and course slippery. 

And last but not least, my happy dance.

Friends, I hope you are having a fabulous Memorial Day weekend where you are!  Enjoy some sunshine for me!


  1. Well done you - running and sewing! Hope you enjoy your much-deserved nap. :-)

    That cardigan is so much cuter with the flowers on. Love it!

  2. Wow! Great job with the 10 miler! Love your embellishments...your pictures are always so much fun!!

  3. Wow! I wish I could run even a mile without getting winded. I can't imagine 10! The clothes turned out fabulous, as usual.

  4. You look wonderful!

    I also want to mention, as I won your lovely giveaway, that I'm hosting one myself now.

  5. i love your happy dance!!!
    and that pyschedelic belt... yeah baby. fabulous.