Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sew Weekly Challenge: Once Upon a Time or "OMG I MADE PANTS"

Friends, I finally finished my Once Upon a Time outfit!  Based on this book about a boy who has an awful day...


I grabbed this Burda 8488 pattern to whip up some pants... well as a green sweater my Mom gave me from her stash...

...and I had every intention of finishing the challenge last Monday, but that never happened.  My week positively exploded between work, running, and a cooking class that I had signed up for and ended up drinking a whole bottle of wine during....

so I think I know how to make pasta from scratch but I'm not sure.

Either way, this was me trying to tackle the project:

(red eye left in intentionally because I think it really adds something, you know?)

Well, I finally got it done tonight and took pictures!  With my tripod!  All by myself! 

I now have a fabulous green sweater which was taken in on the sides and through the sleeves, and MY FIRST PAIR OF PANTS!

I jumped on the couch for joy :)

They fit fantastic!  I am so pleased that I did not have to make any alterations with this pattern.

These will definitely be put to good use during Me Made June when I am at the beach.  I'm thinking of whipping up a white top to go with these.  Regardless of the top, I have some wedges that are going to look fabulous with these.  I kept the pants long for just that purpose :)

Look!  Buttons! (and a very white stomach!)

The buttons have this fantastic detailing that I love - I'm so glad I had six in my stash! Five would just have been awkward.

I'm feeling very accomplished right now, and can join the ranks of the other fabulous pants wearing ladies now like Oona and Amanda :)  Yay pants!

Friends, it is technically Mother's Day since it is after midnight, so Happy Mother's Day to all of you that are mothers!  Mothers are the best parts of the world and should be honored every day :)


  1. Congratulations! I really want to try making pants now! Those buttons are very cute too. I'm intrigued how you got to drink a whole bottle of wine at a cooking class, awesome class! ;)

  2. Fabulous pants! They look great and the fit is fantastic!! I love it when the pattern fits perfectly with no alterations!

  3. They look great! What re they made of? They look so shiny in the photos!

  4. you are looking very accomplished too! they are a great pair of trousers, I love the double breasted look!

  5. Congrats on making your first pair of pants. They are so cute! I agree that they will look fabulous with some wedges. :]

  6. Congrats on making pants! I'll get to that one day.

  7. i mean, it's like you won the lotto, right??!! and you didn't even have any adjustments! now, you must make millions. in lotto, and pantswear.

    (and yes, you DO know how to make pasta from scratch, to remember, you simply must drink a bottle of wine.)

  8. I totally love these pants you made! I've been wanting to make some pants for a while, and I've been imagining a pair just like these - now you've really inspired me to go forth and make some! :-)

  9. I want that pattern, now. I am glad to see it on Pattern Review, because I was about to get all sad-faced and grumpy. I need to make myself some pants soon, too. I can't wear dresses every day, after all.

  10. Dear Meg,

    I found your blog searching for Burda sewing pattern 8488 (sailor pant) I'm so thankful that I did ! Yours came out so lovely I am going to gather the courage to start pinning and cutting this weekend. I hope you don't mind I searched and came by your "house".
    Thanks very much,