Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Me Made June: Day 1

Me Made June has officially begun!  I got today started off with this lovely work outfit:

The skirt is from my Roman Holiday outfit, and the shirt is a lovely periwinkle button down that I snagged at a clothing swap.  It originally had long sleeves, but I prefer short sleeves so I gathered the fabric and made a cuff.  Voila!  A new shirt.

I'm posed awkwardly because I just walked home from work and it's a bit difficult to hide sweat spots in this shirt. 

And now, I am wearing this:

A t-shirt from Steve & Barry's (from before they went bankrupt) that fit completely awful.  Ok, it only cost $7.99, so I shouldn't complain, but the t-shirts were not high quality material.  I took it in on the sides and it is much improved!  I'm also wearing my Colette Mini Bloomers made in an orange jersey.  Sooo stupidly comfy.
Again, a happy dance. 

(Notice there are no pictures on the walls.  We have been packing like fiends!)
I hope you are all enjoying the first day of June where you are! I have to go back and finish packing or else I'll sleep under a pile of office supplies tonight...paper cuts in my sleep?  No thanks!


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