Friday, June 17, 2011

Me Made June: Day 16

Oh hai!  I didn't see you there!

I'm wearing my "Nothing But Blue Skies" dress and my epic rain boots...

 Hark!  I see dinner!

On the way to dinner, I magically changed outfits and made a new friend.

He's made of legos, but he listens really well.

This what I look like after two rum and cokes and some fro yo.  There was fruit in the fro yo so I have some vitamins floating around in my stomach somewhere.

The paparazzi loves me.  I am going to bed, ya'll :)

I hope your day went fantastic where you are!


  1. Yes life is pretty cool at the mo, so glad your having so much fun!!! I adore those boots!

  2. Love that dress! Your photos make me laugh! Looks like you're having a really good time!

  3. I'm sorry... "Chicago" and "Chick-Fil-A" just sort of... I mean... but...

    my head hurts.