Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Me Made June: Days 11-15 ... and something completely heinous at the end.

What a crazy couple of days! After the relaxation that was Day 10, we had to make the long trek home...

but what would a trek home be without spending the night in a castle???

I liked the outdoor chess set a lot, but all of the pieces wouldn't fit in the car so I decided the castle could keep them.  For Day 11, and to protect against the bugs (because we were in the middle of the woods, off a dirt road, and I swear I heard banjos), I was wearing my epic sailor pants, my red and white halter, and my grey embellished cardigan.  I do not think I am exaggerating when I say I have worn that cardigan every single day.

We stayed in the "Spinster's Cottage" on the castle grounds. I especially loved the sign that said "Mistress Spindle: Spinster." 

Ok, this next picture is rough because those are some WICKED circles under my eyes.  I'm drinking my coffee and plotting the downfall of cheerful people.  I freaked out in our bed because I found little weevils before we went to sleep, so of course I thought bugs were crawling on me all night.  My freaking out meant Rob didn't get to sleep much, but after we both had our coffee, we were much more loving.
For Day 12, I'm wearing a new top made with this Simplicity pattern. I used the remaining fabric from my jersey sheets.  It is tres comfy but I think I'll take it in on the sides to reduce the gaping neckline.

We got home.  I passed out on the couch.
  Have I mentioned how comfy these sailor pants are? Because they are the best, I swear.

I had to take a personal - hold-the-camera-at-arms-length picture for Day 13 because Rob had to go meet with a client.  I put on the most comfortable dress ever and fell asleep on the couch.  This dress is also made from sheets.  Perhaps things made from sheets make me sleepy?  

Day 14.  This is after my first day back at work.  Cleaning out my inbox took FOREVER.

I'm wearing my unrequited love shirt and a pair of grey pinstripe pants that received some major hem love from me.  Chicago is cold compared to Virginia.  I do not like it.

Day 15 and it is raining.  Chicago is slowly sucking away all the Vitamin D I absorbed in VA.  Seriously Chicago - did you not get the memo that it is June and needs to be above 55 degrees outside???
I made this shirt before Thanksgiving last year but have never taken a picture of it.  It is one of my favorite shirts ever.  The fabric was wretchedly stiff at first, but after a few washings, it is so incredibly soft. I'm also wearing my not choir girl skirt refashion seen here and my EPIC RAIN BOOTS.

 They are multicolored cowboy rain boots.  Best. Gift. Ever.

I've been slaving away on my dress for the Black and White challenge this week and I hate it with all of my heart.  Seriously.  It's awful.  Cyndi Lauper would wear it in the 80s in one of her videos if she filmed it on Halloween, but it is not me.  Not at all.  It ended up looking this way after I found a huge stain right in the middle of the center panel.  After shortening the skirt, I wanted to add back the lost length with tulle. Lesson learned here: tulle is awful.  Never use 15 yards when you can tell it is going to be terrible after the first 2 yards.
This may be the first thing I ever throw in the garbage.

I'm working on cutting something else out instead...I'm hoping to finish that this weekend and wear it to the Chicago Highland Games. 

How is Me Made June going for all of you? Are you repeating bottoms like me? And for those of you doing the Black and White challenge, how are your projects coming along??

Have a fabulous evening, all!


  1. Fabulous photos! And Chicago has Highland Games???? how awesome! I feel for you about the Chicago's a bit of the same here.... Too bad about the dress...I hate when things end up being too short and fabric is tough to work with (never worked with tulle but I can only imagine!) Love all your outfits!!!

  2. Love your rain boots! I bet you get good use of them in Chicago. Good luck with the rest of the week; it's hard re-adjusting after vacation :)

  3. Oh no, what a shame about the dress! Can you save it in part and turn it into a top?

    By the way, I'm totally loving all of your pics - you always look like you're having so much fun in them. :-)

  4. I recognize that grey shirt! I need to take mine in on the sides a little too.
    I feel on the fence about the B&W challenges (not like i really have time at this point!) because everything that the main SWr's have made is AMAZING and all the fabric I find to make anything is UGLY and I can't pick a pattern. It is a conundrum. So I'm sort of glad I'm not the only one having issues, although I wish yours had come out.

  5. That's a bummer about the dress :( Your trip looks fantastic! So much fun :)