Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sew Weekly Challenge: Autumn Palette or "The Epic Meltdown Pants"

This is the tale of the pants that almost weren't. 

I knew I wanted to make red pants for the Autumn, and after seeing all the famous ladies running around in their purchased versions, I was sold.  These pants needed to happen.  I grabbed McCalls 3935 and got to cutting on some fabulous red cotton canvas from the stash.  Eventually the pants were finished aside from the hook and bar.  I tried them on and saw that there was a major gap in the back. So, I took apart the waistband and started stitching and trimming.  TRAGEDY STRUCK.  I was taking in and cutting out the excess... in a side seam.  Not in the back.  I did not check to see what seam I was working on.  

Of course, I FLIP OUT.  Rob was completely beside himself, trying to offer me suggestions of how I might be able to fix it, while I could only focus on the fact THAT I DIDN'T CHECK THE SEAM FIRST.

(Insert epic meltdown here)

Eventually, I calmed down enough to use one of Rob's suggestions: Insert panels in the side to make up for what was cut out.

Both side seams now have triangular inserts that add the necessary inches so I can wear these pants without crying.

I cannot express in words how glad I am that these pants were not a fail.  I love them so much, and I'm glad I added the belt carriers the second time around.  The black belt on the red fabric is pretty striking to my eye.

I wore this outfit last night to a party, but didn't get any pictures there.  I blame the three bottles of sangria.

Since I'm trying to complete as many projects as I can before we move back into our apartment (IN FIVE DAYS OMGCANNOTWAIT), I whipped this cardigan up in two hours. I've had this fabulous multicolor knit in my stash for some time and I knew I wanted to wear it in cardigan form during Autumn.  Hello, NESA project!

It's McCalls 6408, and while I didn't have enough fabric to make it longer or add the ties, I really love the look of it when I wrap it around me like so:

I didn't hem the sleeves (it's the weekend and I was feeling lazy), so I just rolled them up.  Voila!


It's been a little crazy the last few days.  I've been working on four dresses, along with the pants and cardigan, that I am trying to finish before the move/New York.  I don't know the status of the renovations in our apartment, if they are going to be done in the next five days or if I will even have a place to set up a sewing table.  I wanted to get as much done for the next several challenges as possible, and it looks like I might be caught up for the next three weeks!  Hooray!

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend where you are!


  1. You know, if you hadn't mentioned it, I'd've never known that wasn't how the original pattern was supposed to be. I once had a pair of pants that looked exactly like that, and the triangular opening was the header for a pocket. You could even add one, if you want!

    Or, just enjoy the look, and don't worry about the extra bulk a pocket would add. They look great! =D

  2. Love, love, love your pants! YAY to Rob for the suggestion! (David has saved more than a couple of dresses with timely suggestions during meltdown mode :)

    CANNOT WAIT FOR NYC!!! woot, woot!

  3. Love the red pants! I'm glad you were able to save 'em :)

  4. those pants are awesome! It's always nice to have someone to calm you down and then give suggestions when you're ready to throw a project away!

  5. Those are some seriously funky pants, very 70s. I love it! The inserts just kind of look like pockets, so that's not too bad. I'm glad you got to finish them. What kind of fabric did you use?

  6. red is just an amazing autumn colour, so glad you were brave to go for it! They look really great reguardless of disasters!

  7. love love love the red pants! they look so comfortable!

  8. NICE SAVE ROB! you look awesome in both, and i agree, i never would've thought the side panels weren't part of the original plan-- but god, can't you cheer up in those pics? geez.

    i cannot wait for you to get here!!!!!!!

    oh wait, that was supposed to be in caps. damn caps lock key.