Wednesday, October 19, 2011

McCall's 2011 Holiday Collection

All I can say, is: "Yes, finally!"

As in, "Finally!  Footie pajamas!!!" 

Happy Holidays, Family.  Go pick your flannel now.

Yes, Friends, the McCall's Holiday Collection is out, and M6475 promises to bring joy and happiness to the Grand family this year.  While this was my favorite of the whole collection, there were several others that caught my eye:

M6463 is fabulous.  Simply fabulous.  I love the polka dot print they used, but I LOVE that neckline.  A smashing little number for New Year's Eve, perhaps?

I am digging this off the shoulder number.  The red striped version of 6462 feels summery to me, and I could see this design working great in daring print.  Why be subtle?  Show off those freckled shoulders, girlfriend!

While I love this pattern and the raglan sleeves featured on the red and blue versions, I feel like the other two styles of M6460 are nearly identical to Colette Patterns Macaron.  Thoughts?

Ok, at first sight I thought this pattern wasn't for me.  After looking again, I fell in love with the cream version of M6467.  The ruffles!  The glorious ruffles!  I fear the other styles featured with this pattern would make me look a bit pregnant, but if I could have ruffles and my waist defined, then I am sold.
 Loving the one shoulder action on 6466 - especially with some sheer fabric or lace from my stash.  Give me some poofy skirts any day!
 So this week's challenge for the Sew Weekly is loungewear, and had I seen this M6472 pattern before beginning my current project, this would be it.  The hooded nightshirt with a pair of Colette Mini Bloomers.  This may still happen, just not this week. 
 Oh, McCall's...I see what you are trying to do here.  Sneak those weird flaps/pockets/wings back into style.  Not happening, Bud.  The rest of the skirt versions of M6471 aren't so bad.  Just say goodbye to the wings already, k? K.
 For M6470, I would never have thought to make the shirt in a satin, but I am really loving how it comes off here.  I would normally look at this and think jersey lounging shirt, but in satin, it becomes something I could wear to work or out on the town.  Well played, McCall's... well played.

I do have a beef with this pattern.  Why does the model look so angry?  I know that M6464 wants to be like Simplicity's Amazing Fit patterns, but it doesn't come off as well here.  The drawing representations aren't as clear, specifically with the dress skirt styles.  Why not draw versions of each dress like you normally would for any other pattern?  Showing each version in its entirety works. 
M6465 is a good learning pattern for a beginning sewer.  Simple construction elements and even some ruffle sleeves would make for a great first project for someone looking to sew.  I think more advanced sewers may skip this pattern altogether for something with a little more pizazz.

 I never considered making a bolero in sparkly fabric until I saw M6461.  Now I think it is a brilliant idea and I may pull out one of the bolero patterns in my collection now and create a long sleeved version.
 As much as I try and resist pieces that do not define my waist, I love the idea of showing off some of my new NY fabric with M6468.  I love the larger version that scoops below the waist - I think this may be one of the first patterns I buy from this collection.
 While M6469 is not for me, I think those who are attracted to empire waists may like the added details featured in this pattern.  The different sleeve variations, as well as the option for layering on the shirt front and back. 

This pattern made me laugh out loud. I wonder what video game they are trying to replicate without getting nailed for copyright infringement?

And finally... this quilt (M6482).  THE OWLS ARE ADORABLE.  Seriously love the little bits of argyle that have been added.  I may need to learn how to quilt.  Any tips on how to start this learning process would be greatly appreciated!

Friends, what are your thoughts on this new collection of patterns?  Any that you love or hate with a fiery passion?  Let me know in the comments!!


  1. I've been wanting to learn to quilt too, especially now that I've seen the owls. I find the idea of it so overwhelming though! It's funny because people who quilt always tell me that sewing clothes seems really hard and I feel the opposite! Sewing clothes seems way easier!

  2. Love M6463, especially love, love, love 6462! Thanks for sharing these, they're definitely being added to my wishlist!

    Now, how do I become a part of your family so I can receive some footie pj's for Christmas? ;)

  3. yes! hooded nightie with colette bloomers! LOVE!


  4. I both quilt and make garments - quilting is much easier, but can be more time consuming. Start with something like to log cabin and make either a lap quilt or a quilted placemat. Once you get the basics its not difficult to do thingsy like nifty applique owls.

  5. The quilt and the "A... Birds" copycat are fantastic...The one I would add to my list is M6460. Love the party feel of it.

  6. Ooh that quilt is adorable! Those owls would look cute on a skirt as well, I reckon. May have to go hunt that one out...

  7. I love the first and second dresses! Such pretty necklines! I agree that the second one in stripes would make a lovely summer dress...

  8. quilting is so much easier than sewing clothing!! I do both and quilting definitely makes me less frustrated :)

    The owl pattern is adorable but they did something sneaky here. They used fleece, which doesn't fray. Which means, they cut out the pattern and then just used a "serging" type stitch to make the quilt. If you have a applique or serging type stitch on your sewing machine, this would be easy as pie!

    I would love to help you get quilting if you need it!