Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sew Weekly Challenge: Loungewear or "The Outfit of 1,000 Yawns"

Friends, this was, without a doubt, one of the weirdest weeks I have ever had.  I was going merrily along my way, when *BAM* I got summoned, and then selected, for jury duty.  Next thing I knew, my week was GONE.  Up every morning to try and sneak in some hours at work before heading to the courthouse, and then leaving the courthouse after 6pm, getting stuck in rush hour traffic, and finally getting home late in the evening ... only to do it all again the next day.  Oy vey!  Needless to say, my Google Reader has been running rampant while I was gone, my friends think something happened to me, and apparently I missed out on some important world events while I was sequestered. 

By the time it was all over last night, I was exhausted.  Thank goodness I had a new outfit to snuggle up in and sleep the day away!

...and by snuggle I mean "laugh at Rob while he stands on top of a filing cabinet to take pictures"

For the fabric, I used some old flannel bedsheets that have indigo snowflakes printed all over.  OMG FLANNEL I LOVE YOU. I used the Wear Anywhere Yoga Pants pattern from Diana Rupp's Sew Everything and the ever versatile Colette Sorbetto pattern (with the Sew Weekly sleeve addition) for the top.

Why "The Outfit of 1,000 Yawns"?  Because as soon as I put this lovely loungewear on, I was yawning.  It was practically snake yawning where I could have swallowed a whole animal.

 I had epic tears rolling down my face and exhaustion set in.  I was trying to sleep standing up.  Which I've done before.  In a bar.  Don't judge me.

I wanted to make a tank top and mini bloomer set instead, but once the wind hit 50 mph this week and the waves hit 25 feet high, I knew winter was coming and I needed to be prepared.  Apparently we are supposed to have the worst winter ever this year (but I think the weatherfolks say that every year).  Bring it on, winter!  I'm not scared of you ... much.


I hope it is still warm where you are, Friends, and I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!!

PS. When they say bring a book to jury duty, do not bring James Michener's Texas or you might be sleeping on the table.  It is slightly embarrassing when you re-enter the courtroom with weirdness on your face.


  1. Eek jury service! Hope the case you were on wasn't too nasty...

    Those pjs look so snuggly - no wonder you were yawning as soon as you put them on. Love the photo shoot - you guys are so cute. :-)

  2. I MISS YOU.

    is that weird to say when you're in pajamas?

  3. You can't cook?! That's rough, and of course the jury duty blows, but that goes without saying.

    I've fallen asleep standing up. I was in line at the pharmacy with a newborn in the stroller and couldn't figure out why some lady was saying, "Madame? MADAME!? MADAME?!? over and over so loudly" so I won't judge you. ;)

  4. Mmmm they look very snuggly, perfect for chilling out in after what sounds like a crazy ass week!

  5. I love your jammies, Meg :) They look warm and cozy and perfect for snoozing the day away!

    Sorry to hear about jury duty - ugh! Not a nice way to spend a week, that's for sure!

  6. Love your PJs, they look so comfy! I really have to look out for some nice, well worn flannel bedclothes... Love your yawning pics, too. :)

    We don't have jury duty over here, do you get leave from work?

  7. Lesa Lockford would totally approve of your epic yawns!

    Reading this made me wish I was home in my flannel pjs instead of at work.... especially since it is cold and rainy outside my window....

  8. i don't know about in chicago, but in my mom's house in NJ the deer are so dark and the wooly caterpillars are so big she is practically building a fallout shelter to get through the winter! :-)

    great PJ's, the fabric is beyond perfect.