Monday, October 17, 2011

Sew Weekly Challenge: Musicals or "That Ol' Devil Moon Dress"

There was a summer when I was a young lass when all I did each day of summer vacation was watch Finian's Rainbow.  Seriously.  I already had a fondness for Fred Astaire movies, and I knew Petula Clark's songs, but this combined both of their talents and made me just the happiest camper.  Eventually, Papa Grand intervened and told me to go out and play.  But Father!  I am learning about leprechauns and love on the riverbank and what credit is! 

This song always stuck with me, and now that I'm older, I think my crush on the Woody Mahoney in this movie explains my current celeb crush on Jason Bateman.

For those of you who actually know the movie, I was originally planning on doing Sharon's laundry dress from her scene with Ogg the leprechaun.  Then I remembered that I have a wedding on Saturday.  A black tie wedding, no less, and I desperately wanted to make a dress for that.  How could I combine both the Sew Weekly challenge and my own personal dress challenge?  Easy: Black lace.

In this song, Sharon wraps herself in her black lace shawl (which made me desperately want a shawl at the time) around her lovely flowered dress.  So I need lace and flowers and it needs to be fancy.  Got it.

And here is the result:

Black satin dress with gold and black lace overlay on the bodice and sleeves.  I used Simplicity 2444/Project Runway pattern and I cannot believe how well it turned out.  Overall, this dress took me about seven hours, including cutting time.  It came together like a dream! (And there are pockets.  Everything I make from now on will have pockets because POCKETS ARE AMAZING.)

Normally, I would've been rocking my black satin pumps with this outfit, but these uber comfy flats worked much better with my crutches.

I chose to tie the sash in a small bow in the back so the front of the dress had more of a cummerbund look.  It also cinched in my waist so I couldn't hit the buffet so hard (being on crutches also helped with that).

The lace overlay was surprisingly easy - I just flatlined to the satin and then used simulated French seams on the inside of the bodice so I did not have lace scratching me all night.  I did not want to be the girl at the wedding who looks like she is dealing with a flea infestation.  This is a fancy affair, y'all.

Here is the whole gang.  Don't we look smashing?  This may be the only time I ever see my friends this dressed up, and vice versa!

There was an insane amount of food.  Truly.  AND THEN THERE WAS THIS CREAMSICLE THINGY.

It was perfect.  And it was on a stick. 

The whole gang and the bride and groom.  Love this picture.  We've been playing bar trivia together for years now, and they are some truly fabulous (and smart) people.

It was a great night.  My dress was right in line with the black cocktail dresses around me, and the lace gave it that extra touch of glamor I wanted.  I'll definitely be making more versions of this pattern in the future!

I've got to say, it's times like these that make me so happy I can make my own clothes. Final cost of this dress: $38.  The black and gold lace was already in my stash and ready for the perfect Steelers...I mean, Musical... cocktail dress.

What is going on in your sewing stash, Friends?  I've been out of the loop with no Internet, but now I'm back and catching up on my Google Reader.  I hope you've all been doing well!  

It's late here, so I wish you good nights, and fabulous days tomorrow!


  1. $38? Insanity! That dress is divine, and it fits you so well. Total black tie. Smashing. x

  2. Oh, what a beautiful, beautiful dress, Meg! You look so gorgeous in it!! Satin and lace? What more could a girl want?! The $38 price tag - genius!!

  3. Lovely to have you back, and so glad to see you having the best time at a wedding, and looking so lovely too! Your dress is so pretty I love the lace over effect.
    Personally I'm going slow with the autumn wladrobe, have just made top no.2, now heading for my first ever smart pair of trousers.
    I too just love the fact that I now make my own clothes, the satisfaction is emense!!

  4. nice pop of the damaged leg for posing. CRUTCHES?! dammit meg, treat you leg right! you've only got two!

    your dress is STUNNING. seriously AWESOME! i just made a dress for a wedding last weekend and god it was so much fun to twirl around in it! i ran out of time for pockets, though. much gnashing of teeth.

  5. The dress looks amazing! I can't believe you did that all in a day! So. Impressed.

  6. You look so 60s glamorous! I love love love the gold underneath the black lace. Why can't I have a fancy event to go to? Miss you and your shenanigans!

  7. love S2444...looks so great in that fancy fabric, and so do you!!

  8. well that is just disgustingly fabulous. all of it.

    now I have "How Are Things In Glockamorra" stuck in my head.

    You suck.

    Even if you DO look fabulous. And all cute and happy and stuff.



  9. This is such an elegant dress, very nicely done! You and the Robert look so classy :)

  10. Ack! This is sooooo cute!! The lace overlay is brilliant!

  11. I love that your black tie isn't all black! Could you explain what you mean by fake French seams? I've been wanting to do a lace overlay dress for the longest time, but I can't decide what would be the best way to do the seams.

  12. My heart just popped a little seeing this dress! LOVE the lace! The skirt! The cummberbund!? You look fantastic!

  13. Looks pretty awesome! I love the shape of the skirt and the midriff band! :)