Thursday, November 3, 2011


Oh, my friends, how I adore all of you.  I adore you so much sometimes that I do crazy things, like sign up for Becky and the Beanstalk's 30 Days of Crafting Challenge.  I've spent most of the day today plotting out my attack plan for the next 30 days, and friends, it is EPIC. 

There was lots of Pinterest action going on, in case some of you following me thought I had lost my mind.  Not the case at all - I am just making my plans so I can throw them out the window as the month progresses. 

Now, I know some of you are dreading winter like moi.  If you want to beat those winter blues and put some Vitamin D crafty goodness into your life for the next 30 days, I think you should sign up as well.  Becky's pretty cool.  Her puppy is AWESOME

So won't you join my lovely friend Becky (and her faithful follower, moi) as she guides us in 30 Days of SPECTACULARNESS???

(PS.  Becky is totally wearing a dress in the second picture.  She made it.  It's strapless and the most amazing blue fabric.  Trust me.)


  1. Um, wow. You are completely mad. But in a good way. And scary though it is to contemplate, I may just join you! (Or attempt to, anyway.....)

  2. That sounds like a good way to get my Christmas ornaments off to check it out. Good luck!