Tuesday, November 15, 2011

30DoC: For Your Pet...

Friends, I'll begin by saying that I don't have a pet.  If I did, I would love it and snuggle it and take it for runs and name it Reptar.  Even if it was a kitty, we would still go for runs.  

But since I don't have a pet, I made something for myself instead.  My sewing chair needed some love:

I used an XL red t-shirt (that said GLEE across the front) and Megan Nicolay's 108 Ways to Transform a T-Shirt.

Voila!  Cushy bottom.


Thanks for all of your lovely comments on my Annie Savoy skirt!  I am wearing it around today and it is so warm.  I must make more.  Did you know you can buy flannel that isn't plaid???  Sarah was kind enough to let me know.  I think my mind = blown.  


  1. LOVE this! I so wish you had a cat you could run with! :)

  2. You can run with my puppy anytime!!!

  3. I can get behind Reptar - esp if it ended up as a hamster. We have a fluffy white kitten named Fang.