Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sew Weekly Challenge: Purple or "Purple Plaidtastic Party Shirt"

Friends, I apologize for the delay in posting this, but I had some UBER FABULOUS GUESTS in town this past weekend:

Chicago winter = serious business.

Yes, my parents came to visit and see the city in all of its holiday glory.  Unfortunately, this "glory" included extremely low temperatures while we were wandering the Christmas market at Daley Plaza (the gluhwein did not warm me up nearly enough).  We ate cheeseburgers at the Billy Goat and saw an AMAZING show at the Building Stage (my face hurt from laughing), watched the Muppets at the movies and ate lots of food.  Overall, a completely lovely time and I am already planning their next visit back.

Once they had left, I got cracking on my purple project.  I had some leftover fabric from the dress I made for Becky's wedding.  Since I only had a yard to work with, I had to be extremely careful which pattern I chose.  After much perusing through my collection, I decided on Simplicity 2364, version F (with the flowy sleeve thingy).  I thought it might be nice to have a one-shoulder top in my closet in case I want to be extra fabulous for something.

The pattern called for elastic, which I scrapped after the initial fitting.  This shirt fits like a glove and I don't see it falling down EVER.  While this isn't as stretchtastic as jersey, the fabric does have some give, which allows me to pull it on and off without any other fastenings.  I am a big fan of shirts that don't need extra bits added.

Forgive the weird fabric rolls in the back - the fabric kept getting caught on my jeans.  I think this is a top which needs a black skirt/pant companion. 

Close up of the sleeve and my villain face:


While I don't imagine this shirt making a regular appearance in my day to day life right now (it's not really a cold weather shirt), I am definitely going to whip this out for any parties that come up.  I feel very hip in it... almost Jersey Shore-ish, but that could be the hairstyle thing I was attempting.  (Just a note - I've never seen Jersey Shore, but I know what a Snooki is.  It's like a Wookie, only shorter.  Bah dum chee.)

Friends, do you like purple?  Is it one of your signature colors?


  1. This top would look fabulous with a black high-waisted pencil skirt and paired with peep-toe sling back heels. So kitten! Meow!

    I definitely dig the purple..

  2. Oh, having the parents is such a great gift... Looks you had a fab time. I'm a big fan of wearing on shoulder tops... This looks fantastic.

  3. Oh, this is fab! It's amazing how glam a one-shoulder shirt is! Love the plaid! I can't lie... I'm not a huge fan of purple (it's all my mom ever wore when I was a kid, so I sort of have it associated as a "mom" color in my brain), but it's a great color for you!

    Also-- can we talk for one second about your hot pink coat?? I love it!!!

  4. I like purple. It is not my signature color. That would be black, black, inky black, the color of the darkest depths of my soul.... um... yeah. Whatever. I'm chanelling Vincent Price or something.

    I like black. And red. And hot pink. And cobalt blue. And--


    Do you have to wear a bra with that top and what type of bra works? I'm just curious (now I'm chanelling my mother).

    It's awesome, regardless. I totally can't be that fabulous. I'm jealous.

  5. I didn't know what to do for this challenge! Purple is my least favorite color... but I do love this shirt!

  6. Purple and me, we get on pretty darn well. One of my fave colours, in fact.

    And this purple plaid top? Fabulousness!

    Other fabulous thing - that amazing coat you're wearing in the top photo! Adore it!!

  7. Fabulous blouse! Love the one shouldered tartan fabulousness! I am a HUGE fan of purple--it's just so regal! Can I also say that I just adore the picture of you with your parents? That is really fun!

  8. Vivienne Westwood would be very proud Meg. Super sexy, villian face and all. Loves it.

  9. OK, first of all, I am DYING over the fabulousness of your hot-pink-super-awesome-I-laugh-in-the-face-of-winter coat! I adore it!!

    Your shirt is fantastically purplelicious and I love it! The villian face - yeah, girl!

    Purple and I are super best friends. Even my hair is purple :)

  10. I'm with Sarah, I know this post isbout the lovely blose which it is but your coat.......

  11. Very cool, I love the one-shouldered effect! I only occasionally wear purple, even though one of my favorite dresses is a lovely purple and teal plaid...

  12. I love the flowy sleeve! PURPLE IS MY FAVORITE!