Thursday, December 15, 2011

These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things...

Friends, in an effort to keep ahead of the madness that is the Christmas shopping season, I started buying gifts back in September (which is completely unlike me).  My goal this year was to support small businesses as much as possible and so the bulk of my gifts came from Etsy. 

*Note - nobody told me to endorse them, but I had a good experience, so I thought you might like to know*

I really wanted to shop local, so I sorted my filters to show Chicago sellers.  I am not showing the actual items I bought for Christmas presents (because people might get ideas about what they are getting and then it just gets weird), but here are some of my new faves from these shops:

(Love the Midwest is Best t-shirt.  MIDWEST REPRESENT)
Shirt found here

Their stationery is SUPER pretty.  If I had to pick one for myself, this would be it.

stationery set found here

She has some FABULOUS things in her shop.  Love love love this infinity scarf:

dark green infinity scarf found here

Here are some favorites from shops outside of Chicago:

I love her pieces.  The glazes are even more gorgeous in person!

ceramic leaf spoon rest

My new favorite store of all time is the Carbon Crusader:

you can buy them here...but don't buy them all because I want some, too.

Friends, have you bought any gifts off of Etsy for the holidays?  Let me know which shops are your favorites!


  1. Must. Have. TPB pencils. Why didn't I ever hear about these before??


    haha, word verifcation: "rebil". Those are rebellious gerbils. They're REBILS!!

  2. but Wesley, what about the ROUS's? Rodents of Unusual Size....I don't think they exist....gggrrrrooooowwwwwlll....aahhhhh... um, obviously, I really love TPB pencils too!! :)

  3. TPB pencils!?! Fantastic!! 'I'm not a witch! I'm your wife!!"

  4. I want those TPB pencils something fierce. Wow. They're made of awesome. Thanks for sharing, Meg!

  5. I always have such a hard time shopping for my dad. He's not into any of the generic dad things (golf, booze, football, etc). He's a lifelong amateur radio enthusiast, but no way could I afford to buy him any cool electronics that he doesn't already have. Last week I discovered that there is a small selection of ham radio theme gifts on Etsy! Whew!

  6. WOW! I didn't realize they had that shop local option, and you have just saved my little last-minute-shopping life. :-) Love love love the infinity scarf.

  7. Hehe, lovely! I love the scarf and the pencils!
    I don't have so many gifts to give, so I made all of them myself this year (except for a CD that my friend produced). But it's so cool that etsy has a local option!

  8. I haven't bought any gifts off etsy because....I don't know what people like as I'm a total dude that way. I will say that if I found something that I wouldn't steal for myself, I'd buy everyone something from Little Lazies:
    Leah is just an awesome lady, she sends everything well wrapped and protected and even throws in candy and all of the shipping boxes have drawings on them, super cute.

    And now's the time I just pimp out my friends' shops because they're local to me!

    My bff Andi makes some sweet recycled guitar string jewelry that I wish I could wear but I'm allergic to metal, boo. She also has a shop for her photography and I think the link for that is on this shop's page.

    An awesome lady from Screamsters sells her art here:

    My friend Alan sells some of his photography and leather book covers here:

  9. Meg, wishing you a wonderful Christmas ...

  10. Whoa! Princess Bride pencils!! I NEED! I am such a nerd and quote TPB quite often! Ok, I just wrote TPB...

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!